Freshman Anthony Shivers

Making The Transition

Nov. 19, 2013

By Maura Jones ‘ 14

Making the transition from high school to college is difficult enough, let alone moving out of state to attend school, majoring in biochemistry, pursuing the dream of medical school and joining a Division I sports team. While these goals may seem daunting for some, freshman thrower Anthony Shivers is making the transition gracefully.

When asked about his transition, Shivers humbly admits, “Right now I am getting accustomed to everything. My transition has been really smooth. I think that is really just another example of how great Notre Dame is. It made everything so easy.”

After his visit last fall, Shivers became convinced that Notre Dame had everything that he was looking for. Students and student-athletes at Notre Dame are known for being hard working and high achieving. By this measure, Shivers fits right in.

“I liked the atmosphere,” Shivers says of his visit. “It seemed like everybody was striving for something, and that is really what I was looking for in college. Everyone that I’ve met here is really hard working, and when you see that it really inspires you. I’m a product of my environment.”

Shivers is no stranger to competing in competitive atmospheres. He won the Division II OHSAA Track and Field state championships in discus both junior and senior years of high school. He also placed sixth in Ohio in the shot put his senior year of high school. Shivers attributes his success to good coaching and says that he has always looked up to his older siblings in sports.

This year, Shivers will join a team of highly successful throwers led by Coach Adam Beltran. Although a competitive atmosphere, Shivers says that his teammates are welcoming and know how to have fun.

“It is really easy to be a freshman on the throwing team because they took me in when I visited, and they are a really tight knit group,” he recalls. “We hang out all of the time. They have made that really easy for me being the new guy.”

Not only is Shivers fitting in with the group, but he adds that, “I look up to the five seniors on the throwing team. They are really good at mentoring me and teaching me. They are really, really helpful.”

Shivers has already seen improvements in the discus under Beltran’s guidance. Only a few months in, Shivers has already been pushed out of his comfort zone and is learning to throw the hammer.

“Hammer is something new to me,” he explains. “It was difficult at first, but Coach Beltran worked with me and now it is coming along really well. It’s been better than I expected.”

Highly motivated to succeed, Shivers plans to work hard for the team.

“With throwing I want to do well for Notre Dame,” he says. “I want to compete against other schools, do well, and represent Notre Dame in that way. I set personal goals, but everything I do is for the team.”

Shivers’ motivation does not end on the track though. He is also working hard to one day become a doctor. The freshman has been inspired to join the medical profession by his love of science and family members who are doctors and in medical school.

Given his goals, it is unsurprising that Shivers wishes he had more hours in the day.

“The worst part is how little free time I have,” he says. “I am busy all of the time, which has its ups and downs.”

However he never once mentions the difficulty of his classes or athletics. Ultimately, he is happy with his time at Notre Dame so far.

“I’ve had a lot of great experiences here,” Shivers says with a smile. “The people I have met-the students, teachers, and the faculty-have been great. Everybody helps each other out. The guys on my floor in O’Neill are awesome. I was confident in choosing to come here. I knew it was the right decision, and I’ve loved it so far.”

Already it seems that Shivers is on the fast track to success in athletics and academics. He will have the opportunity to showcase his talent in his first collegiate meet at Blue & Gold meet at Notre Dame Dec. 6.