Journal Resources

Below is a list of available journal resources.

Title ISSN Cost Access Publisher Imp. Factor
American Journal of Sports Medicine 1552-3365 active 1998-present Sage 4.937
Journal of Nutrition 0022-3166 active 1928-present HighWire Press 4.686
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2212-2672 active 1995-present Elsevier 4.051
Journal of Biomechanics 0021-9290 active 1968-present Elsevier 3.031
Journal of Science & Medicine In Sport 1440-2440 active 1998-present Elsevier 2.869
International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 1526-484X active 1991-present Human Kinetics 2.065
Sports Health 1941-7381 active 2009-present Sage n/a
Sports Medicine 1179-2035 active 1997-present Springer 5.755
Free Journals
Journal of Athletic Training 1938-162X free 1992-present Independent 3.112
Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition 1550-2783 free 2004-present BMC 2.016
Nutrition Journal 1475-2891 free 2002-present BMC 3.116