Radmila Sarkisova and the women's fencing team kicks off their season this weekend, while the men prepare for their second event.

Irish Women Post Undefeated Day At Notre Dame Duals

Jan. 29, 2011

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NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame women’s fencing team posted an 8-0 record at the Notre Dame Duals on Saturday at the Joyce Center Fieldhouse. With the eight wins, the Irish women improve to 19-0 on the season and now have the longest winning streak in women’s fencing program history.

The eight victories moved the winning streak to 78 consecutive regular season decisions, besting the previous streak registered from 1993-96 (75 wins). On the day, the Irish claimed wins over Lawrence (25-2), Detroit (27-0), Cleveland State (24-3), Florida (26-1), Air Force (21-6), Swarthmore (22-5), Wayne State (21-6) and seventh-ranked Northwestern (18-9).

Women’s Epee:

While Courtney Hurley (8-0) and Ewa Nelip (8-0) were used sparingly during competition on Saturday, three other women’s epeeists got a chance to get in several bouts. Phenix Messersmith took to the strip 22 times, posting a 16-6 record on the day.

Stephanie Myers ended the day with a 9-5 record, including clean sheets against Lawrence, Detroit and Florida. Caroline Dikibo rounded out the epee rotation, finishing the day with a 7-3 record, helped by a perfect 2-0 ledger against Cleveland State.

Women’s Foil:

Seven foilists took to the strip for the Irish during the day, led by Katie Heinzen and Adriana Camacho who finished the day with records of 13-1 and 11-0, respectively. Three other Irish foilists reached the nine-win mark, as Radmila Sarkisova ended 9-1, Grace Hartman finished 9-2 and Darsie Malynn ended 9-3.

The squad also saw Rachel Beck (6-2) and Hayley Reese (6-0) post winning records in a limited role on the day.

Women’s Sabre:

Irish regulars Sarah Borrmann (3-0) and Eileen Hassett (3-0) took on a secondary role at the Duals, as the team used seven other sabreists for a majority of the day’s bouts. Lian Osier also saw her bouts reduced, concluding with a 2-1 record in the match against Northwestern.

Beatriz Almeida (15-2) and Abigail Nichols (15-1) each reached the 15-win plateau, while Marta Stepien pieced together a perfect day, finishing with a record of 12-0. She posted at least two wins in matches against Lawrence, Florida and Swarthmore.

Kathryn Palazzoto ended the day with a record of 8-2, including clean sheets against Detroit, Cleveland State, Florida and Wayne State. Danielle Guilfoyle and Julia Kohn, who finished 6-0 and 2-0, respectively, rounded out the sabreists.

The Irish men take to the strip next as they participate in day two of the 2010 Notre Dame Duals on Sunday. Action is slated to begin at 8:00 a.m. inside the Joyce Center and admission is free of charge. A recap of the men’s performance will be posted at und.com along with complete results. To keep up with all of Sunday’s action, visit und.com to access a live ND Duals blog.

Round 1 Results
ND def. LU 25-2 (E: 8-1, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)WSU def. CSU 23-4 (E: 5-4, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)UD def. CSU 12-9 (E: 2-6, F: 4-3, S: 6-0)NU def. Swarthmore 24-3 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S: 7-2)AF def. UF 16-11 (E: 8-1, F: 3-6, S: 5-4)
Round 2 Results
WSU def. UF 18-9 (E: 7-2, F: 9-0, S: 2-7)NU def. LU 26-1 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)AF def. Swarthmore 20-7 (E: 8-1, F: 6-3, S: 6-3)ND def. CSU 24-3 (E: 6-3, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)ND def. UD 27-0 (E: 9-0, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)
Round 3 Results
ND def. NU 18-9 (E: 6-3, F: 4-5, S: 8-1)UF def. CSU 19-8 (E: 4-5, F: 6-3, S: 9-0)UF def. UD 22-5 (E: 7-2, F: 8-1, S: 7-2)AF def. LU 16-11 (E: 9-0, F: 1-8, S: 6-3)WSU def. Swarthmore 20-7 (E: 4-5, F: 9-0, S: 7-2)
Round 4 Results
NU def. AF 20-7 (E: 6-3, F: 9-0, S: 5-4)Swarthmore def. CSU 21-6 (E: 6-3, F: 6-3, S: 9-0)ND def. UF 26-1 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)WSU def. LU 24-3 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S: 7-2)Swarthmore def. UD 23-4 (E: 8-1, F: 8-1, S: 7-2)
Round 5 Results
ND def. AF 21-6 (E: 6-3, F: 9-0, S: 6-3)LU def. UD 16-9 (E: 6-2, F: 8-1, S: 2-6)LU def. CSU 17-6 (E: 4-4, F: 7-2, S: 6-0)Swarthmore def. UF 14-13 (E: 5-4, F: 6-3, S: 3-6)NU def. WSU 22-5 (E: 8-1, F: 5-4, S: 9-0)
Round 6 Results
AF def. WSU 15-12 (E: 9-0, F: 1-8, S: 5-4)UF def. LU 16-11 (E: 6-3, F: 4-5, S: 6-3)NU def. UD 27-0 (E: 9-0, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)NU def. CSU 24-3 (E: 7-2, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)ND def. Swarthmore 22-5 (E: 5-4, F: 9-0, S: 8-1)
Round 7 Results
AF def. UD 26-1 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)AF def. CSU 23-4 (E: 8-1, F: 6-3, S: 9-0)Swarthmore def. LU 14-13 (E: 6-3, F: 3-6, S: 5-4)NU def. UF 26-1 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)ND def. WSU 21-6 (E: 7-2, F: 6-3, S: 8-1)