Jake Walker set an NCAA provisional qualifying mark Friday in the men's 5,000 meters.

Irish Women Finish First, Men Second at Notre Dame Invitational

Jan. 23, 2010

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NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The Irish women scored 126.50 points to win the Notre Dame Invitational Saturday at the Loftus Sports Center. Notre Dame topped Louisville with 108 points, followed by Michigan State in third with 102.50.

The Irish men finished second with 113.50 points, behind the Spartans with 126. Louisville finished third with 100.50 points in the men’s competition. Competing in their first scored meet of the season, the Irish added a second NCAA provisional qualifying mark as Joanna Schultz won the women’s 400 meters with a time of 53.82. The Notre Dame men were a force in the pole vault as well with Kevin and Matt Schipper finishing first and second, respectively. Notre Dame student-athletes took home the top honors in a number of events, including the men’s shot put, the women’s 500 meters and the women’s triple jump.

Athletes were awarded points based on finish, with first place taking seven points, second earning five, third place receiving four, fourth place earning three points, fifth place receiving two points and sixth place taking one point. Each school’s top two athletes were allowed to earn points in each event.

Notre Dame will continue competition next weekend at the Indiana Invitational.

Women’s Long Jump: Louisville’s Rachel Gehret was the top jumper with a mark of 5.89m (19-4), while teammate Amaka Omenyinma finished second at 5.70m (18-8 1/2). Jasmine Williams finished third with a BIG EAST qualifying mark of 5.54m (18-2 1/4), Michigan State’s Jessica Scherting was fourth in 5.31m (17-5 1/2), the Spartans’ Katie Guikema finished fifth in 5.30m (17-4 3/4) and Louisville’s Charachesicia Lockhart was sixth at 5.27m (17-3 1/2). Lauren Leniart finished seventh in 5.15m (16-10 3/4), Maddie Buttinger was eighth at 5.11m (16-9 1/4) and Michigan State’s Chanel Payne finished ninth in 4.41m (14-5 3/4).

Men’s Long Jump: Louisville took the top three spots with Rudon Bastian in first with an NCAA provisional mark of 7.64m (25-0 3/4). Teammate Seon Powell finished second with an NCAA standard 7.55m (24-9 1/4), followed by Andre Black in third at 7.44m (24-5). Eric Quick finished fourth with a BIG EAST qualifying jump of 7.43m (24-4 1/2), Louisville’s Wesley Smith was fifth at 7.35m (24-1 1/2), Michigan State’s Isaac Marshall finished sixth at 6.74m (22-1 1/2), the Spartans’ Durant Crum was seventh in 6.68m (21-11) and Patrick Glass finished eighth with a jump of 6.11m (20-0 1/2).

Women’s Triple Jump: Jasmine Williams was the top jumper with a mark of 11.37m (37-3 3/4), followed by Louisville’s Amaka Omenyinma in second at 11.11m (36-5 1/2) and Michigan State’s Jessica Scherting in third at 11.07m (36-4). Lauren Leniart tied the Spartans’ Shelleyse Richardson for fourth at 10.57m (34-8 1/2) and Louisville’s Charachesicia Lockhart finished sixth at 10.66m (34-11 3/4).

Men’s Triple Jump: Louisville’s Andre Black took the top spot with a jump of 14.83m (48-8), Eric Quick was second at 14.79m, a BIG EAST qualifying standard, and Michigan State’s Durant Crum finished third in 13.68m (44-10 3/4). Michigan State’s Isaac Marshall finished fourth at 12.71m (41-8 1/2), Patrick Glass was fifth at 12.56m (41-2 1/2) and Doug Onuscheck finished sixth at 12.19m (40-0).

Women’s High Jump: Louisville’s Rachel Gehret won the event with a mark of 1.75m (5-8 3/4), followed by Michelle Theophille in second at 1.75m (5-8 3/4). Maddie Buttinger finished third with a height of 1.70m (5-7), Michigan State’s Jessica Scherting was fourth at 1.70m (5-7), teammate Rebecca Bucholtz was fifth at 1.65m (5-5), Kendra Jennings finished sixth with a mark of 1.65m (5-5) and Louisville’s Megan Schubert was seventh at 1.60m (5-3).

Men’s High Jump: Louisville’s Tone Belt was the top jumper with a mark of 2.19m (7-2 1/4), followed by Michigan State’s Kurt Schneider in second at 2.11m (6-11) and the Spartans’ Kevin Jackson in third at 2.06m (6-9). Michigan State’s Brent Shuttleworth finished fourth in 2.01m (6-7), Doug Onuscheck tied Louisville’s Neil Angermeier for fifth at 2.01m (6-7), Ted Glasnow finished seventh in 1.86m (6-1 1/4) and Justin Schneider was eighth at 1.86m (6-1 1/4).

Women’s Pole Vault: Michigan State’s Ashley Smith finished first with a mark of 3.85m (12-7 1/2), followed by Chrissy Finkel in second at 3.70m (12-1 1/2), the Spartans’ Katie Shaw was third with a height of 3.70m (12-1 1/2) and Annie Polcari was fourth at 3.40m (11-1 3/4). Finkely and Polcari set BIG EAST qualifying standards.

Men’s Pole Vault: Kevin Schipper was the top vaulter with a mark of 5.05m (16-6 3/4), followed by Matt Schipper in second at 5.05m (16-6 3/4) and Louisville’s Kyle Gann in third at 4.90m (16-0 3/4). Michigan State’s Logan Lynch was fourth at 4.90m (16-0 3/4), the Spartans’ Cliff Miller finished fifth at 4.75m (15-7), teammate Codi Mattix tied Irish vaulter Andrew Kolbeck for sixth at 4.60m (15-1) and Jim Merchun finished eighth at 4.45m (14-7 1/4).

Women’s Weight Throw: Louisville’s D’Ana McCarthy took the top spot with an NCAA provisional qualifying mark of 20.93m (68-8), followed by teammate Jere’ Summers in second at 20.70m (67-11), also an NCAA standard. Michigan State’s Ashley Lawrence finished third with a mark of 17.17m (56-4), the Cardinals’ Amashi-Ali Kendall was fourth at 17.09m (56-1), teammate Lindsey Cook was fifth at 16.93m (66-5 1/2) and Louisville’s Jessica Shepard was sixth with a toss of 16.17m (53-0 3/4). Michigan State’s Robyn Whalen finished seventh at 14.87m (48-9 1/2), the Spartans’ Shatora Lewis was eighth at 14.21m (46-7 1/2), Madeline Casanova finished ninth with a mark of 13.50m (44-3 1/2), Mason Bashaw was 10th at 13.07m (42-10 3/4) and Rudy Atang recorded a throw of 12.91m (42-4 1/4) to finish 11th.

Men’s Weight Throw: Michigan’s State Jay Gillespie won the event with a mark of 18.24m (58-10 1/4), followed by Greg Davis in second at 17.90m (58-8 3/4) and the Spartans’ Lonnie Pugh in third with a toss of 17.71m (58-1 1/4). Louisville’s Weston Banks finished fourth at 17.50m (57-5), Michigan State’s Anthony Agrusa finished fifth at 17.22m (56-6), the Cardinals’ Josh Greenwald was sixth at 17.12m (56-2) and Michigan State’s Brad Wentzel finished seventh with a mark of 17.01m (55-9 3/4). John Belcher finished eighth at 16.75m (54-11 1/2), Mitchell Gormley was ninth at 16.33m (53-7), Michigan State’s John Barrett finished 10th at 16.22m (53-2 3/4) and Denes Veres was 11th at 15.48m (50-9 1/2). Andrew Hills was 12th with a toss of 15.02m (49-3 1/2), Mike Smigelski finished 13th in 14.55m (47-9) and Anthony Thomas finished 14th at 13.30m (43-7 3/4).

Women’s Shot Put: Louisville’s Jere’ Summers won the event with a mark of 16.68m (54-8 3/4), followed by teammate D’Ana McCarty in second at 15.27m (50-1 1/4) and Michigan State’s Ashley Lawrence in third at 15.03m (49-3 3/4). Jaclyn Espinoza finished fourth in 13.86m (45-5 3/4), Rudy Atang was fifth at 13.77m (45-2 1/2), Louisville’s Amashi-Ali Kendall was sixth in 13.48m (44-2 3/4) and Michigan State’s Shatora Lewis was seventh at 13.27m (43-6 1/2). Madeline Casanova finished eighth with a mark of 11.50m (37-8 3/4), Michigan State’s Lydia Brower was ninth in 10.58m (34-8 1/2) and the Spartans’ Robyn Whalen was 10th at 10.54m (34-7).

Men’s Shot Put: Denes Veres won the event with a toss of 17.00m (55-9 1/4), followed by Michigan State’s Brad Wentzel in second at 16.47m (54-0 1/2) and Andrew Hills in third at 16.30m (53-5 3/4). Louisville’s Weston Banks finished fourth at 16.23m (53-3), Michigan State’s Lonnie Pugh was fifth at 15.51m (50-10 3/4), the Spartans’ Aaron Ide finished sixth with a mark of 15.08m (49-5 3/4), Louisville’s Josh Greenwald was seventh at 14.75m (48-4 3/4) and Anthony Thomas finished eighth at 13.84m (45-5).

Women’s 60m Hurdles: Nevada Sorenson set a BIG EAST qualifying standard with a first-place time of 8.56, followed by Louisville’s Theresa Lewis in second at 8.56 and Kali Watkins, setting a BIG EAST mark, in third at 8.74. Sasha Blanchard finished fourth in 9.13 and Michigan State’s Chelsea Ross in fifth at 10.96.

Men’s 60m Hurdles: Michigan State took the top three positions with Shane Wells in first with a time of 8.16m. Teammate Keenan Michael was second at 8.24, followed by Cliff Miller in third at 8.28. Justin Schneider finished fourth with a time of 8.91, the Spartans’ Dennis Fortson was fifth in 8.95 and Ted Glasnow was sixth in 9.70.

Women’s 60m: Michigan State’s Erica Mann and Louisville’s Saravia Richardson tied for first with times of 7.59. The Spartans’ Charelise Davis was third in 7.65, Nevada Sorenson finished fourth in 7.94, Louisville’s Danielle Burbage was fifth in 8.09 and Kali Watkins finished sixth with a time of 8.28.

Men’s 60m: Michigan State’s Yury Ratomski took the top spot with a time of 6.90, followed by Louisville’s Jacues Caldwell in second at 6.99 and the Cardinals’ Tony Baffour in third at 7.01. The Spartans’ Durant Crum finished fourth in 7.03, Eric Quick was fifth with a time of 7.08, Michgan Sttae’s Brandon Vandriel was sixth in 7.11, Tyrell Atkins was seventh in 7.20 and Sean Linbloom finished eighth with a time of 7.47.

Women’s 200m: Michigan State’s Eric Mann took the top spot with a time of 24.48, followed by teammate Charelise Davis in second at 24.50 and Louisville’s Saravia Richardson in third at 24.54. The Cardinals’ Theresa Lewis finished fourth in 26.01, Joanna Schultz was fifth in 26.15, Louisville’s Danielle Burbage was sixth in 26.25, Sasha Blanchard was seventh in 26.59 and Michigan State’s Alysson Bodenbach was eighth with a time of 27.33.

Men’s 200m: Michigan State’s Shane Wells was the top sprinter with a time of 21.96, followed by teammate Brandon Vandriel in second at 22.07 and Louisville’s Jacues Caldwell in third at 22.07. The Spartans’ Kennan Michael finished fourth in 22.08, Louisville’s Tony Baffour was fifth in 22.70, Tyrell Atkins was sixth in 23.16 and Sean Lindbloom finished seventh at 23.32.

Women’s 400m: Joanna Schultz took the top spot with an NCAA provisional qualifying time of 53.82. Michigan State’s Alysson Bodenbach (55.74) and Coryn Marzejon (57.02) finished second and third, followed by Louisville’s Chelsea Brown in fourth at 58.01, Ericka Nowell in fifth in 1:02.15 and the Cardinals’ Alexandra Mobley in sixth with a time of 1:03.29.

Men’s 400m: Michigan State’s Yury Ratomski won the event with a time of 48.62, followed by Balazs Molnar, who qualified for the BIG EAST meet, in second at 49.12 and Louisville’s Marcellus Hobbs in third at 49.14. Edward Hitchler finished fourth in 49.16, Alex Korenstra was fifth in 50.11 and Brendan Dougherty finished sixth with a time of 50.77. Michigan State’s Dennis Fortson was seventh in 50.91, Eric Roth finished eighth with a time of 51.67, Ronnie Kadykowski was ninth in 52.31 and Louisville’s Welsey Smith was 10th in 52.55.

Women’s 500m: Samantha Williams won the event with a time of 1.14.94, followed by Natalie Johnson in second at 1:15.31 and Louisville’s Shane Mullany-Banks in third at 1:15.34. The Cardinals’ Rebecca Scott finished fourth in 1:17.98 and Angela Ryck was fifth in 1:19.43. Williams and Johnson qualified for the BIG EAST Championships.

Men’s 500m: Louisville’s Jordan Frazier clocked in at 1:04.21 to finish first, followed by Michigan State’s Jake Hamilton was second at 1:04.46 and the Cardinals’ Howard Shepard finished third in 1:05.05. Matthew Brown finished fourth in with a BIG EAST time of 1:05.09, Zac Suriano was fifth in 1:06.49 and Michigan State’s David Calille finished sixth in 1:08.09.

Women’s 800m: Kelly Langhans took the top spot with a time of 2:11.34, followed by Michigan State’s Leah Elenbaas in second at 2:12.58 and Allison Schroeder finished third at 2:13.78. Michigan State’s Elizabeth Watson (2:19.75) and Tiffany Evans (2:20.86) finished fourth and fifth, Anne McCarthy was sixth at 2:23.04, Louisville’s Ariel Briggs finished seventh in 2:29.53 and the Cardinals’ Lorna Whaley was eighth at 2:44.95. Langhans and Schroeder recorded BIG EAST qualifying marks.

Men’s 800m: Jack Howard won the event with a time of 1:50.57, followed by Michigan State’s Stephen Humes (1:15.10) and Joe Banyai (1:52.46) finished second and third, respectively. Blake Choplin finished fourth in 1:52.61, Kevin Labus finished fifth in 1:52.93, Cameron Eckert was sixth in 1:53.25, Mitch Lorenz was seventh in 1:53.48 and Trent Sayers finished eighth with a time of 1:54.56. Louisville’s Matt Hughes finished ninth in 1:55.04, Brier Steenberge was 10th in 1:55.43 and Max Cruz finished 11th in 1:58.12. Howard, Choplin, Labus, Eckert, Lorenz and Sayers all met BIG EAST qualifying marks.

Women’s 1000m: Molly Sullivan qualified for the BIG EAST Championships with a first-place time of 2:52.42. Louisville’s Kat Alcorn finished second at 2:52.75, Abby Higgins set a BIG EAST qualifying standard in third at 2:53.90 and Michigan State’s Elizabeth Watson finished fourth in 2:57.81. The Spartans’ Tiffany Evans finished fifth at 3:00.28, Louisville’s Kelsey Page was sixth at 3:04.40 and Gena Bleyer finished seventh at 3:13.69.

Men’s 1000m: Johnathan Shawel finished first with a BIG EAST qualifying time of 2:25.05, followed by Daniel Clark in second, also qualifying for the conference meet, at 2:27.10. Louisville’s Matt Hughes finished third in 2:27.34, Ryan Gamboa, in a conference qualifying standard, was fourth in 2:27.73 and the Cardinals’ Chris Wolfe finished fifth in 2:28.42. Michigan State’s Shaka Dukes (2:29.79), Aaron Simoneau (2:30.10) and Joe Dimambro (2:32.62) finished sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively.

Women’s 3000m: Lindsey Ferguson won the event with a time of 9:39.85, followed by Jessica Rydberg in second at 9:59.68 and Beth Tacl in third at 10:01.20. Erica Watson was fourth in 10:06.11, Louisville’s Kim Grieshaber finished fifth in 10:12.63, teammate Kortni Dukes was sixth at 10:13.92 and Michigan State’s Becky McCormack was seventh in 10:21.27. Kari Johnson finished eighth in 10:35.61, Michigan State’s Allie Hock was ninth in 10:39.81, teammate Thereseann Huprikar finished 10th at 10:39.82, Alissa Ott was 11th with a time of 10:50.72 and Michigan State’s Diane Hamilton was 12th at 11:12.46.

Men’s 3000m: Michigan State’s Spencer Beatty took the top spot with a time of 8:14.45, followed by Jake Walker in second at 8:15.30 and Dan Jackson in third at 8:15.31. Louisville’s Matt Bruce finished fourth in 8:15.76, Michigan State’s Isiah VanDoorne was fifth in 8:18.71, Kelly Lynch was sixth with a time of 8:20.10, the Cardinals’ Michael Eaton finished seventh in 8:29.21, Michigan State’s Alex Russeau was eighth in 8:44.15 and Paul Springer was ninth with a time of 8:54.73.

Women’s Mile: Marissa Treece ran the fastest time in the BIG EAST Conference this season to win the event at 4:50.69. Michigan State’s Carlie Green finished second at 4:51.82, Rebecca Tracy was third in 4:54.99 and the Spartans’ Rebekah Smeltzer finished fourth in 5:02.39. Molly Hirt finished fifth in 5:06.16, Louisville’s Caitlin Cunningham was sixth in 5:17.55, Elizabeth Barron was seventh in 5:22.70 and the Cardinals’ Kathryn Long finished eighth with a time of 5:35.73.

Men’s Mile: Louisville’s Matt Bruce took the top spot with a time of 4:06.78, followed by Jordan Carlson in second at 4:06.92 and Michigan State’s Josh McAlary in third at 4:08.68. The Cardinals’ Michael Eaton finished fourth in 4:09.51, Randall Babb was fifth in 4:10.21, Jeremy Rae finished sixth in 4:11.16, Joe Miller was seventh in 4:12.90, Michigan State’s Patrick Grosskopf finished eighth in 4:14.18 and J.P. Mallette was ninth in 4:17.05.

Women’s 4x400m Relay: Notre Dame A won the event with a time of 3:55.11, Louisville A finished second at 3:57.46 and Michigan State A was third in 3:59.97.

Men’s 4x400m Relay: Michigan State’s A team was the top team with a time of 3:15.96, followed by Notre Dame A in second at 3:16.46, Louisville A in third at 3:16.51 and Notre Dame B in fourth with a time of 3:23.24.