April 29, 2000

Annapolis, Md. – The Notre Dame rowing team struggled today as it finished behind the Naval Academy in every race in Annapolis, Md. In the Varsity Eight race, Navy defeated the Irish by almost 16 seconds, finishing first in 6:34.85. The closest race of the day was the Varsity Four race with Navy only beating Notre Dame by less than four seconds. Navy also claimed the Second Varsity Eight and the Novice Eight races.

Notre Dame competes on Sunday in the Georgetown Invitational in Washington D.C. on the waters of the Potomac River. The Invitational features all of the BIG EAST school who sponsor rowing including Georgetown, Syracuse, Rutgers, Connecticut, Miami, West Virginia and Villanova. Sunday’s races begin at 8:30 a.m. with the Varsity Four race.

Results from Saturday

Varsity Eight 1. Navy (6:34.85) 2. Notre Dame (Claire Bula (cox), Michelle Olsgard, Courtney Mercer, Kristen Vandehey, Katrina Ten Eyck, Lauren Lyons, Amy Braun, Katherine Burnett, Katie Besson) (6:50.34)

Second Varsity Eight 1. Navy (6:48.4), 2. Notre Dame (Erin Kiernicki (cox), Megan Feely, Kerri Murphy, Maureen Carr, Elizabeth Nerney, Emily Deye, Allison Bartsh, Joslyn Moreau, Leah Ashe) (7:04.3)

First Novice Eight 1. Navy (6:51.03) 2. SMU (6:56.87) 3. Notre Dame #1 (Erica Drennan, Beth Fruzynski, Elizabeth Jeub, Julia Kelly, Casey Buckstaff, Becky Luckett, Ashlee Warren, Ann Marie Dillhoff, Cassandra Murphy (cox) (6:59.06) 4. Notre Dame #2 (Pamela Swan, Andrea Amoni, Katherine McCauldren, Laura Aull, Ann Gurucharri, Megan McPherson, Kathyrn Anderson) 7:26.59

Varsity Four 1. Navy (7:45.84) 2. Notre Dame Cassie Markstahler (cox), Kolleen Myers, Kassie Stuart, Mary Lampe, Sandra Peterson (7:59.40)

Novice Four 1. SMU (7:56.17) 2. Navy (8:03.14)

NOTE: SMU did not race in the varsity races, Notre Dame did not compete in the novice 4.