Nevada Sorenson finished third in the women's 100-meter hurdles at the Mt. SAC Relays.

Irish Rack Up Impressive Numbers at Border Battle "Kentuckiana"

April 10, 2010

Complete Results

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Irish track and field squads notched an impressive 35 top-five finishes and six wins Saturday at the Border Battle “Kentuckiana” held at the Cardinal Park Soccer and Track Stadium on the campus of the University of Louisville.

Kentucky and Louisville teamed up to edge Notre Dame and Indiana, 100-96, in the men’s events, while The Commonwealth teams topped the Hoosierland squads, 103-99, on the women’s side.

Notre Dame notched wins from Molly Hirt in the women’s 5,000 meters, Nevada Sorenson in the women’s 100-meter hurdles, Joanna Schultz in the women’s 400 meters, Elise Knutzen in the women’s javelin, Matt Schipper in the men’s pole vault and Justin Schneider in the men’s javelin.

The Irish will head to the Mt. SAC Relays and Purdue’s Dave Rankin Invitational next weekend.

Border Battle “Kentuckiana” Results

Women’s 200m: Tiffany Tibbot finished sixth in 25.82, followed by Nevada Sorenson in seventh at 25.84 and Maddie Buttinger in eighth at 25.98. Kentucky’s Jenna Martin was the top sprinter at 24.54.

Women’s 400m: Tiffany Tibbot finished sixth with a time of 57.45, while Samantha Williams finished seventh in 57.97. The Wildcats’ Jenna Martin was first in 54.25.

Women’s 800m: Indiana’s Lindsey Hartman won the event in 2:09.38, just ahead of Kelly Langhans in second at 2:10.01 and Natalie Johnson in third at 2:10.12. Abby Higgins finished sixth in 2:11.64, and Angela Ryck was 12th at 2:17.51.

Women’s 1500m: Indiana’s Molly Beckwith was first in 4:20.17, barely edging out Rebecca Tracy in second at 4:20.18. Rachel Boggs finished 10th in 4:59.58.

Women’s 5000m: Molly Hirt won the event in 17:06.71. Theresa Cattuna finished seventh at 17:30.67, Erica Watson was eighth in 17:31.41 and Jessica Rydberg finished ninth in 17:31.97.

Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles: Nevada Sorenson was the top hurdler with a time of 13.67. Kali Watkins finished third in 14.00, Sasha Blanchard finished sixth in 14.98 and Maddie Buttinger finished eighth in 15.36.

Women’s 400m: Joanna Schultz finished first in 59.29. Sasha Blanchard finished sixth in 1:02.94, Ericka Nowell was eighth in 1:05.31 and Kali Watkins finished ninth in 1:05.46.

Women’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase: Indiana’s Sarah Pease won the event in 10:05.67, while Marissa Treece finished seventh in 11:08.55.

Women’s 4×400-meter Relay: Indiana was the top team at 3:44.37, followed by Notre Dame in second at 3:45.92.

Women’s High Jump: Louisville’s Michelle Theophille was the top jumper at 1.73m (5-08). Maddie Buttinger finished seventh in 1.63m (5-04 1/4).

Women’s Pole Vault: Chrissy Finkel finished fourth with a mark of 3.65m (11-11 3/4), followed by Rikki Lynn London in fifth at 3.55m (11-07 3/4). Kentucky’s Samantha Stenzel finished first at 3.85m (12-07 1/2).

Women’s Long Jump: Jasmine Williams finished fourth at 5.62m (18-05 1/4), just ahead of Maddie Buttinger in seventh at 5.23m (17-02). Louisville’s Charachesic Lockhart finished first at 5.88m (19-03 1/2).

Women’s Triple Jump: Jasmine Williams finished third at 11.60m (38-00 3/4), while Kentucky’s Ke’Undra Bishop won the event at 12.10m (39-08 1/2).

Women’s Shot Put; Indiana’s Faith Sherrill was the top thrower at 15.92m (52-02 3/4). Rudy Atang finished sixth at 14.75m (48-04 3/4), Jaclyn Espinoza was ninth at 13.66m (44-09 3/4) and Madeline Casanova finished 11th in 11.43m (37-06.)

Women’s Discus: Jaclyn Espinoza finished fourth at 47.37m (155-05), while Madeline Casanova finished 11th at 38.26m (125-06). Louisville’s Jere’ Summers finished first at 55.28m (181-04).

Women’s Hammer Throw: Madeline Casanova finished 10th at 46.96m (154-01). Louisvlile’s D’Ana McCarty was the top thrower at 62.24m (204-02).

Women’s Javelin: Elise Knutzen won the event at 42.09m (138-01), while Maddie Buttinger finished fifth at 27.80m (91-02).

Men’s 100m: Miklos Szebeny finished sixth at 11.02, just head of Tyrell Atkins in seventh at 11.14. Kentucky’s Alex Williams finished first in 10.72.

Men’s 200m: Louisville’s Jacues Caldwell won the event in 21.53. Miklos Szebeny finished eighth in 22.13, and Tyrell Atkins was 11th at 22.61.

Men’s 400m: Edward Hitchler finished fifth in 48.24, followed by Brendan Dougherty in ninth at 50.34.

Men’s 800m: Indiana’s Andrew Bayer finished first in 1:50.70, followed by Jack Howard in second at 1:50.94 and Kevin Labus in third at 1:05.95. Cameron Eckert finished sixth in 1:51.35, Jeremy Rae was eighth in 1:51.61., Mitchell Lorenz finished ninth in 1:51.87, James Notwell was 11th in 1:52.79 and Trent Sayers finished 13th in 1:53.59.

Men’s 1500m: The Hoosiers’ Andrew Bayer was first in 3:41.87. Daniel Clark finished third in 3:45.24, Jordan Carlson finished fourth in 3:45.68, J.P. Mallette was 10th in 3:49.17 and Greg Kiley finished 12th at 3:50.90.

Men’s 5000m: Spencer Carter finished fifth at 15:01.16, followed by Mat Abernethy in sixth at 15:02.78.

Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles: Indiana’s Derek Drouin finished first in 14.45. Justin Schneider finished fourth at 15.60, Dean Odegard was fifth in 17.11 and Ted Glasnow finished sixth in 28.19.

Men’s 3000-Meter Steeplechase: Louisville’s Matt Hughes was the top athlete with a time of 8:59.42. Joe Miller finished fourth in 9:09.58, Kelly Lynch finished sixth in 9:15.59 and Thomas Noel was seventh in 9:37.59.

Men’s 4×400-Meter Relay: Kentucky’s A squad was the top team in 3:15.32, followed by Notre Dame’s A team in second at 3:15.43. The Notre Dame B team finished sixth in 3:21.22.

Men’s High Jump: Ted Glasnow finished seventh in 1.91m (6-03 1/4). Indiana’s Derek Drouin was the top jumper at 2.20m (7-02 1/2).

Men’s Pole Vault: Matt Schipper cleared a height of 5.00m (16-04 3/4) to win the event. Jim Merchun finished fourth at 4.55m (14-11), Andrew Kolbeck finished fifth at 4.55m (14-11) and Justin Schneider was sixth in 4.40m (14-05 1/4).

Men’s Long Jump: Louisville’s Tone Belt won the event at 7.77m (25-06). Ted Glasnow finished ninth at 6.56m (21-06 1/4), Connor Paladino finished 10th at 6.18m (20-03 1/2) and Dean Odegard was 11th at 5.89m (19-04).

Men’s Triple Jump: Eric Quick finished fifth at 14.59m (47-10 1/2), while Connor Paladino finished eighth at 13.21m (43-04 1/4). Kentucky’s David Banks recorded a mark of 15.67m (51-05) to win the event.

Men’s Shot Put: Louisville’s Steve Hnat finished first at 18.64m (61-02), followed by Denes Veres in second at 17.39m (57-00 3/4). Andrew Hills finished fifth at 16.47m (54-00 1/2), John Belcher was sixth in 16.19m (55-01 1/2) and Anthony Thomas was ninth in 14.93m (48-11 3/4).

Men’s Discus: Anthony Thomas finished sixth at 46.97m (154-01), followed by John Belcher in eighth at 45.12m (148-00) and David Anderson in ninth at 44.29m (145-04).

Men’s Hammer Throw: Mitchell Gormley finished third in 54.47m (178-08), Greg Davis was fourth at 53.21m (174-07), John Belcher finished fifth at 52.89m (173-06), Andrew Hills was seventh at 50.48m (165-07) and Denes Veres finished ninth in 48.90m (160-05).

Men’s Javelin: Justin Schneider finished firs at 51.41m (168-08), followed by Dean Odegard in fourth at 37.24m (122-02).