April 22, 2000

MADISON, Wis. — The Notre Dame rowing team, competing in only its second season as a varsity team, placed seven different boats in the finals of their respective events at the Midwest Rowing Championships. “Today was a great day for us,” stated head coach Martin Stone, “Putting all our boats into finals is a big step for this program.”

Leading the way for the Irish was the Novice 4. Notre Dame’s Novice 4 “A’ captured first in their heat with a time of 7:31.38, and then watched as the Novice “B” captured in their heat with a time of 7:36.28, two seconds behind Wisconsin. In the finals, the “A” and “B” teams captured second and fourth, respectively.

The women’s Novice 8 team also had success in their opening heat capturing first in 6:34.93. The finals saw the team improve its time by a second and a half and capture third place 4.37 seconds behind Wisconsin.

In 2nd Novice Eight action, took third in their heat and they finished in fifth in finals bettering their heat team by more than 11 seconds.

On the varsity side, both women’s varsity 8 teams did quite well in their final-only events. The Second Varsity 8 captured third with a time of 6:25.93, 9.10 seconds behind Wisconsin. While the Varsity 8 team, finished in fourth with a time of 6:22.69.

The women’s Varsity 4 boat came in second in their heat with a time of 7:29.38. They nearly matched their heat time in the finals, posting a time of 7:29.79 only to fall to sixth place.

The Notre Dame rowing team returns to the water next weekend as they take on Navy on Saturday, April 29, and then competes in the Georgetown Invitational on Sunday, April 30.

Midwest Rowing Championhips Resultsd

Novice 8 2nd Novice 81. Notre Dame 6:34.93 1. Wisconsin 6:39.082. Kansas 6:38.14 2. Texas 6:44.353. Southern Methodist 6:48.15 3. Notre Dame 6:58.004. Texas Club 7:06.87 4. Northwestern 7:37.625. Cincinatti 7:08.876. St. Thomas 7:23.337. KU Club 7:32.76
Novice 4Heat 2 Heat 31. Notre Dame "A" 7:31.38 1. Wisconsin"B" 7:34.282. Northwestern 7:33.25 2. Notre Dame "B" 7:36.283. Wheaton 7:40.23 3. Creighton 7:44.764. Cincinatti 8:27.02 4. Wheaton"B" 8:09.405. Southern Methodist 8:41.656. CSJU 8:57.17
Varsity 41. Wisconsin"B" 7:18.662. Notre Dame 7:29.383. Wisconsin LT 7:30.364. Texas 7:31.085. Kansas 7:45.696. St. Cloud State 9:09.83
Novice 81. Wisconsin"A" 6:29.022. Louisville 6:30.573. Notre Dame 6:33.39 (Drennaen, Fruzynski, Jeub, Kelly, Buckstaff, Luckett, Dillhoff, K. Murphy)4. Kansas 6:33.765. Wisconsin LT 6:53.126. Texas 7:00.18
2nd Novice Eight1. Wisconsin 6:27.902. Kansas 6:34.693. Louisville 6:38.374. Texas 6:45.465. Notre Dame 6:46.76 (Swan, Amoni, McCaulden, Aull, Gurucharri, McPherson, Anderson, Campbell, Dreznes)6. Wisconsin LT 6:57.06
Novice 41. Wisconsin"A" 7:25.672. Notre Dame"A" 7:33.51 (Slavin, Manske, Mahoney, Malloy, Lee)3. St. Thomas 7:33.624. Notre Dame"B" 7:38.90 (Corbally, Dooley, Shea, Liddy, Carney)5. Northwestern 7:39.756. Wisconsin"B" 7:44.81
Varsity 41. Wisconsin"A" 7:02.172. Wisconsin"B" 7:14.383. Marquette 7:20.384. Creighton 7:26.965. Wisconsin LT 7:27.316. Notre Dame 7:29.79 (Markstahler, Myers, Stuart, Lampe, Peterson)
2nd Varsity 81. Wisconsin 6:16.832. Texas 6:23.173. Notre Dame 6:25.93 (Kiernicki, Feely, K. Murphy, Carr, Nerney, Deye, Bartsh, Moreau, Ashe)4. Tulsa 6:29.065. Kansas State 6:32.706. Tennessee 6:34.23
Varsity 81. Wisconsin 6:09.212. Tulsa 6:15.063. Texas 6:16.294. Notre Dame 6:22.69 (Bula, Olsgard, Mercer, Vandehey, TenEyck, Lyons, Braun, Burnett, Besson)5. Kansas State 6:23.266. Tennessee 6:27.457. Kansas 6:32.50