March 27, 2008

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame stands 22nd in the first set of winter sports standings released in the 2007-08 United States Sports Academy Division I Directors’ Cup all-sports competition sponsored by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (formerly known as Sears Directors’ Cup).

Winter competition in NCAA events so far has earned Notre Dame 127.5 points – 90 for its runner-up finish in men’s and women’s fencing (a combined championship), and 37.5 more for a tie for 36th place in the men’s indoor track and field championships. Yet to come are winter points for at least a regional semifinal appearance in women’s basketball (the Irish play #1 seed Tennessee Sunday in the Oklahoma City Regional), a second-round appearance in men’s basketball, and at least a first-round appearance in hockey (the Irish play Friday against #4 overall seed New Hampshire).

Fall NCAA competition earned the Irish 188 points — 32 based on their 21st-place finish in men’s cross country, 83 for Notre Dame’s national semifinal appearance in women’s soccer, and 73 for its national quarterfinal appearance in men’s soccer.

Stanford (668 points) currently leads the competition, after winning the NCAA water polo title. Second is Penn State (572.25), followed by Ohio State (506), California (499) and Michigan (489.75).

The current standings include results from NCAA fall competition in women’s field hockey, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s water polo, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, the football championship subdivision (former I-AA) and the football bowl subdivision (formerly I-A). They also include winter results from women’s swimming, men’s and women’s indoor track and field, fencing, women’s hockey, rifle, skiing, and wrestling.

The next winter sports updates will be published April 10 and May 1.

In previous years in which the Directors’ Cup competition has been held, Notre Dame has finished 11th in 1993-94, 30th in 1994-95, 11th in 1995-96, 14th in 1996-97, tied for 31st in 1997-98, 25th in 1998-99, 21st in 1999-2000, 11th in 2000-01, 13th in 2001-02, tied for 13th in 2002-03, 19th in 2003-04, 16th in 2004-05, a best-ever sixth in 2005-06 and 22nd in 2006-07.

Here are the current standings:

1.Stanford 668, 2.Penn State 572.25, 3.Ohio State 506, 4.California 499, 5.Michigan 489.75, 6.Wisconsin 476.5, 7.Texas 471, 8.Arizona State 467.5, 9.Florida 457.25, 10.Florida State 432, 11.West Virginia 424, 12.LSU 402, 13.USC 401.5, 14.Oregon 387.5, 15.North Carolina 368, 16.Minnesota 359.75, 17.Washington 348.25, 18.UCLA 347, 19.Tennessee 343.75, 20.Missouri 319.5, 21.Duke 319, 22.Notre Dame 315.5, 23.BYU 314.25, 24.Nebraska 311.5, 25.Purdue 307.5.

— ND —