Alan Markow led the Irish men's foil, finishing the day with a record of 18-2.

Irish Men's Fencing Finishes Off Weekend Sweep At Notre Dame Duals

Jan. 29, 2012

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NOTRE DAME, Ind. – A day after the University of Notre Dame women’s team posted a perfect 12-0 record, the Irish men’s squad posted an identical 12-0 ledger Sunday to complete a weekend sweep of the Notre Dame Duals in the Joyce Center Fieldhouse.

Of the 12 matches the Irish took part in, only one of them (Indiana, 19-8) saw the opposition hold Notre Dame under 20 (out of a possible 27) points. The remaining bouts saw Notre Dame knock off Illinois (21-6), Purdue (25-2), Lawrence (25-2), Florida (24-3), Wayne State (22-5), Detroit (22-5), Case Western (25-2), Northwestern (22-5), Michigan (21-6), Cleveland State (21-6) and Michigan State (20-7). With the sweep, the Irish also improved their regular season record to 24-5.

Much like the women’s team, the men’s sabre paced Notre Dame on the day with an overall record of 100-8. Individually, William Meckling led the charge for sabre, putting together a 30-2 bout record. Epee saw Dale Purdy lead the squad with a record of 15-1, while Alan Markow headed the foil effort with a record of 18-2.

The Irish return to the strip next weekend when they head to Evanston, Ill., to take part in the Northwestern Duals on Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 4-5), bringing to a close the regular season NCAA schedule.

Notre Dame Duals - Sunday - Men's Results (12-0):#4 Notre Dame def. Illinois 21-6 (E: 7-2, F: 5-4, S: 9-0)#4 Notre Dame def. Purdue 25-2 (E: 7-2, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)#4 Notre Dame def. Lawrence 25-2 (E: 7-2, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)#4 Notre Dame def. Florida 24-3 (E: 8-1, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)#4 Notre Dame def. Wayne State 22-5 (E: 8-1, F: 6-3, S:8-1)#4 Notre Dame def. Indiana 19-8 (E: 7-2, F: 5-4, S: 7-2)#4 Notre Dame def. Detroit 22-5 (E: 7-2, F: 6-3, S: 9-0)#4 Notre Dame def. Case Western 25-2 (E: 9-0, F: 7-2, S: 9-0)#4 Notre Dame def. Northwestern 22-5 (E: 5-4, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)#4 Notre Dame def. Michigan 21-6 (E: 5-4, F: 7-2, S: 9-0)#4 Notre Dame def. Cleveland State 21-6 (E: 8-1, F: 7-2, S: 6-3)#4 Notre Dame def. Michigan State 20-7 (E: 6-3, F: 6-3, S: 8-1)