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Irish Men Complete Undefeated Fencing Season By Posting 11-0 Record At The ND Duals

Feb. 7, 2010

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NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The Fighting Irish men’s fencing team went 11-0 on day two of the 2010 Notre Dame duals to close out an undefeated regular season with a 33-0 record, marking the first time in 19 years that both the Irish men’s and women’s fencing teams have gone undefeated in the same regular season (and the fourth time overall: 1986, 1987 and 1991).

“I think it was a very good season, you know, for different reasons,” said head coach Janusz Bednarski. “The record of wins and losses was in our favor, which can be very hard to get if you are fencing the best teams in the country like we did this year,” he added.

The Irish men earned wins over Lawrence (25-2), Michigan (24-3), Northwestern (25-2), Wisconsin (22-5), Michigan State (25-2), Illinois (24-3), Chicago (25-2), Cleveland State (26-1), Purdue (25-2), Indiana (19-8) and Detroit (24-3) to complete the 22nd undefeated regular season in program history. Dating back to 2008, the men have not lost a match in their last 77 regular-season contests, which is the fourth longest streak in program history (third best stretch was 90 consecutive wins from 2000-04).

On an individual level, junior Greg Schoolcraft led the way with 23 epee wins against just one loss. Included in the 23 wins was his 100th with the Irish, which came against Michigan. He now stands at 120-60 for his career. Also reaching the 100-win plateau was a pair of junior foil all-Americans in Zach Schirtz (Rochester, N.Y.) and Steve Kubik (San Antonio, Texas). Schirtz posted a flawless 11-0 record on the day to move to 114-29 for his career, while Kubik also went undefeated at 9-0 and he is now 107-22 for his career.

Other Irish fencers who posted undefeated marks on the day included epeeists Jacob Osborne (Colleyville, Texas) and James Kaull (Washington, D.C.). Osborne, a junior, went 11-0 and Kaull, a freshman, went 5-0 to finish his first regular season with an impressive 49-13 record.

Freshman Grant Hodges (Salina Kan.) posted a 16-0 record for the foil squad. He was joined by in the ranks of the undefeated by foil teammates Enzo Castellani (Keller, Texas) and Reggie Bentley (Little Rock, Ark.). Castellani went 11-0 to push his season record to 38-6, while Bentley added a 7-0 mark to run his record to 33-8.

Freshman William McGough (Bronxville, N.Y.) and sophomore Anthony Schlehuber (Carmel, Ind.) led the sabre squad as they combined for a 34-1 record. McGough went 16-0 on the day and Schlehuber finished with a 17-1 record.

Other highlights included Bentley (3-0) and Xavier Lebec (1-0) debuting at sabre, as well as Diego Silva (Greenwich, Conn.) making his epee (1-0) debut.

“The spirit of the team – the team is very close – holds it together,” added Bednarski. “On both sides, the freshman and the upperclassmen just cooperate, so I would say it was a very successful year. Whatever happens at NCAAs, I am very happy with this team and with our situation,” the eighth year head coach concluded.

The Irish fencing teams will now look to follow up on their dominating 2010 regular season performances when they play host to the Midwest Fencing Conference Championships on March 6 and 7 at the Joyce Center.

Men’s Epee Jack Piaso (DuBois, Pa.) posted a 13-1 record on the day for the Irish, while teammates Connor Gettings (Lake Forest, Ill.) and Andrew Seroff (Boulder, Colo.) both notched 11-2 marks. Rich Molina (Newark, N.J.) added a 9-1 mark, Christopher Pinkowski (Simi Valley, Cslif.) added three more wins, and Chris Pfarr (Highlands Ranch, Colo.) tallied one more victory for the Irish.

Men’s Foil The men’s foil squad was also led by Gerek Meinhardt (San Francisco, Calif.), who posted an 11-1 record. Nicholas Crebs (Portland, Ore.) also added 11 wins for the Irish. Silva tallied an 8-3 record, and Lebec (Greenwich, Conn.) contributed another six wins for the team.

Men’s Sabre Other sabre results included Keith Feldman’s (Stony Brook, N.Y.) and Marcel Frenkel’s (Sao Paulo, Brazil) matching 14-3 records on the day, as well as Alex Buell’s (Waterford, Wisc.) 13-3 outing. John Plunkett (Wyckoff, N.J.) added six wins for the Fighting Irish, and the trio of Barron Nydam (Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.), Avery Zuck (Beaverton, Ore.), Jason Choy (Basking Ridge, N.J.) each added a win for the team.

Round 1 ResultsPurdue def. IU 17-10 (E: 6-3, F: 7-2, S: 4-5)UW def. UD 14-13 (E: 9-0, F: 1-8, S: 4-5)Michigan def. NW 14-13 (E: 4-5, F: 7-2, S: 3-6)WSU def. Illinois 19-8 (E: 8-1, F: 4-5, S: 7-2)UC def. CSU 14-13 (E: 3-6, F: 4-5, S: 7-2)ND def. LU 25-2 (E: 8-1, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)
Round 2 ResultsND def. Michigan 24-3 (E: 8-1, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)MSU def. NW 15-12 (E: 2-7, F: 8-1, S: 5-4)UW def. Illinois 15-12 (E: 8-1, F: 2-7, S: 5-4)Purdue def. LU 20-7 (E: 5-4, F: 8-1, S: 7-2)UC def. UD 14-13 (E: 7-2, F: 3-6, S: 4-5)WSU def. IU 21-6 (E: 5-4, F: 7-2, S: 9-0)
Round 3 ResultsMichigan def. Illinois 15-12 (E: 8-1, F: 3-6, S: 4-5)ND def. NW 25-2 (E: 9-0, F: 9-0, S: 7-2)MSU def. UW 15-12 (E: 2-7, F: 9-0, S: 4-5)LU def. CSU 14-13 (E: 2-7, F: 3-6, S: 9-0)WSU def. Purdue 23-4 (E: 7-2, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)UC def. IU 15-12 (E: 2-7, F: 6-3, S: 7-2)
Round 4 ResultsWSU def. CSU 14-13 (E: 2-7, F: 3-6, S: 9-0)ND def. UW 22-5 (E: 5-4, F: 9-0, S: 8-1)ND def. MSU 25-2 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S: 8-1)Illinois def. UD 15-12 (E: 7-2, F: 5-4, S: 3-6)NW def. PU 17-10 (E: 8-1, F: 2-7, S: 7-2)UC def. LU 17-10 (E: 4-5, F: 7-2, S: 6-3)Michigan def. IU 19-8 (E: 6-3, F: 9-0, S: 4-5)
Round 5 ResultsMichigan def. PU 14-13 (E: 5-4, F: 6-3, S: 3-6)ND def. Illinois 24-3 (E: 9-0, F: 6-3, S: 9-0)WSU def. LU 20-7 (E: 5-4, F: 7-2, S: 8-1)UC def. MSU 15-12 (E: 5-4, F: 6-3, S: 4-5)IU def. UW 14-13 (E: 4-5, F: 9-0, S: 1-8)CSU def. UD 14-13 (E: 8-1, F: 5-4, S: 1-8)
Round 6 ResultsND def. UC 25-2 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)Michigan def. MSU 17-10 (E: 6-3, F: 6-3, S: 5-4)LU def. Illinois 17-10 (E: 8-1, F: 3-6, S: 6-3)NW def. CSU 16-11 (E: 6-3, F: 3-6, S: 7-2)IU def. UD 14-13 (E: 7-2, F: 5-4, S: 2-7)PU def. UW 17-10 (E: 2-7, F: 9-0, S: 6-3)
Round 7 ResultsWSU def. UW 17-10 (E: 1-8, F: 9-0, S: 7-2)LU def. UD 14-13 (E: 8-1, F: 4-5, S: 2-7)ND def. CSU 26-1 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 9-0)UC def. Illinois 16-11 (E: 7-2, F: 5-4, S: 4-5)MSU def. PU 15-12 (E: 4-5, F: 5-4, S: 6-3)NW def. IU 18-9 (E: 4-5, F: 8-1, S: 6-3)
Round 8 ResultsNW def. LU 20-7 (E: 9-0, F: 4-5, S: 7-2)MSU def. Illinois 17-10 (E: 9-0, F: 4-5, S: 4-5)UW def. CSU 16-11 (E: 7-2, F: 1-8, S: 8-1)WSU def. UD 19-8 (E: 7-2, F: 5-4, S: 7-2)Michigan def. UC 17-10 (E: 9-0, F: 5-4, S: 3-6)ND def. PU 25-2 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)ND def. IU 19-8 (E: 6-3, F: 8-1, S: 5-4)
Round 9 ResultsWSU def. UC 23-4 (E: 8-1, F: 7-2, S: 8-1)NW def. Illinois 16-11 (E: 7-2, F: 3-6, S: 6-3)MSU def. IU 15-12 (E: 2-7, F: 7-2, S: 6-3)ND def. UD 24-3 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S: 7-2)CSU def. PU 14-13 (E: 6-3, F: 7-2, S: 1-8)Michigan def. LU 19-8 (E: 8-1, F: 7-2, S: 4-5)

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