Ted Hodges took to the strip for the first time with the Irish since returning from a heroic recovery from successful heart transplant surgery.

Irish Men Complete Two-Day Team Sweep Of Notre Dame Duals

Jan. 30, 2011

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NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The top-ranked University of Notre Dame men’s fencing team posted an 8-0 record on Sunday at the Notre Dame Duals held in the Joyce Center Fieldhouse, improving their record to 18-1 overall. The Irish fencing team finished the weekend a perfect 16-0, as the women posted an identical mark Saturday.

The highlight of Sunday’s fencing action was the return of Ted Hodges to competition after undergoing a successful heart transplant over one year ago. The Irish senior competed in a full slate of matches throughout the day, finishing with a 15-4 record and posting 3-0 marks against both Lawrence and Cleveland State.

Men’s Foil:

Along with Hodges, the Irish also sent eight other fencers to the strip in foil, including Ted’s brother Grant Hodges, who finished the day with a 19-1 mark. The two fenced together in a collegiate event for the first time since being at Notre Dame.

Nicholas Crebs posted the most wins in the weapon, finishing with a record of 20-1. The Irish foilists rounded out the rotation with Reggie Bentley (1-1), Enzo Castellani (2-0), Ariel DeSmet (2-0), Nicholas Kubik (2-2), Steve Kubik (1-0) and Zach Schirtz (1-0).

Men’s Epee:

A full cast of eight fencers also competed for the Irish in epee with each recording a minimum of five wins on the day. Both Brent Kelly and Greg Schoolcraft led the epeeists, earning nine wins apiece. Andrew Seroff finished just behind them with eight wins.

James Kaull (7-2), Jack Piasio (7-3), Christopher Pinkowski (7-1) and Michael Rossi (7-1) shared the honors of third-highest win total amongst Irish epeeists, with Jacob Osborne (5-4) rounding out the rotation.

Men’s Sabre:

The Irish rested their regular starters at sabre, with Jason Choy, Barron Nydam and Avery Zuck not taking to the strip on Sunday. In their absence, nine other sabreists got the chance to earn competition time.

Carl Ianiro paced the team with a final mark of 9-1, and was followed closely by Keith Feldman and John Plunkett, who each finished with eight wins. Alex Buell (5-3), Alexander Coccia (7-0), Kevin Hassett (7-1), William McGough (6-1) and Anthony Schlehuber (6-0) all reached the five-win mark with Marcel Frenkel rounding out the unit with a record of 4-2.

The Irish next return to action Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 5-6) at the Northwestern Duals in Evanston, Ill.

ND DUALS ~ MEN'S FENCING ~ 1/30/2011
Round 1 Results
NU def. CSU 16-11 (E: 3-6, F: 9-0, S: 4-5)UD def. LU 16-11 (E: 4-5, F: 7-2, S: 5-4)AF def. Swarthmore 25-2 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)WSU def. UF 17-10 (E: 1-8, F: 7-2, S: 9-0)
Round 2 Results
NU def. UF 19-8 (E: 6-3, F: 6-3, S: 7-2)Swarthmore def. CSU 14-13 (E: 2-7, F: 6-3, S: 6-3)AF def. WSU 21-6 (E: 9-0, F: 8-1, S: 4-5)ND def. UD 23-4 (E: 8-1, F: 7-2, S: 8-1)
Round 3 Results
Swarthmore def. LU 17-10 (E: 6-3, F: 6-3, S: 5-4)NU def. UD 19-8 (E: 9-0, F: 5-4, S: 5-4)UF def. CSU 17-10 (E: 3-6, F: 9-0, S: 5-4)ND def. AF 21-6 (E: 6-3, F: 7-2, S: 8-1)
Round 4 Results
NU def. Swarthmore 21-6 (E: 8-1, F: 7-2, S: 6-3)UD def. UF 15-12 (E: 5-4, F: 5-4, S: 5-4)AF def. LU 25-2 (E: 9-0, F: 9-0, S: 7-2)ND def. WSU 18-9 (E: 8-1, F: 7-2, S: 3-6)
Round 5 Results
CSU def. UD 20-7 (E: 9-0, F: 4-5, S: 7-2)UF def. LU 17-10 (E: 3-6, F: 7-2, S: 7-2)WSU def. Swarthmore 20-7 (E: 5-4, F: 7-2, S: 8-1)ND def. NU 21-6 (E: 8-1, F: 7-2, S: 6-3)
Round 6 Results
Swarthmore def. UD 17-10 (E: 6-3, F: 6-3, S: 5-4)ND def. UF 26-1 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S:9-0)WSU def. LU 15-12 (E: 1-8, F: 6-3, S:8-1)AF def. CSU 21-6 (E: 4-5, F: 9-0, S: 7-2)
Round 7 Results
Swarthmore def. UF 15-12 (E: 5-4, F: 5-4, S: 4-5)WSU def. CSU 17-10 (E: 0-9, F: 9-0, S: 8-1)ND def. LU 26-1 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)AF def. NU 21-6 (E: 5-4, F: 8-1, S: 8-1)
Round 8 Results
ND def. Swarthmore 25-2 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S: 8-1)WSU def. NU 14-13 (E: 0-9, F: 6-3, S: 8-1)AF def. UD 20-7 (E: 8-1, F: 5-4, S: 7-2)LU def. CSU 15-12 (E: 2-7, F: 7-2, 6-3)
Round 9 Results
ND def. CSU 23-4 (E: 5-4, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)NU def. LU 18-9 (E: 7-2, F: 5-4, S: 6-3)AF def. UF 26-1 (E: 8-1, F: 9-0, S: 9-0)