Oct. 27, 2003

The team arrived back at Notre Dame on Saturday night (Oct. 25) after a long day of travel. As sad as everyone was to leave the Caribbean lifestyle and the fantastic weather, the players were anxious to get back to school and to show off their tans! Certainly Jordan Cornette and Chris Thomas had everyone beat. On the way back, however, Jordan was using lotion from anyone who had any in their carry-on bags.

The final two days, Thursday and Friday, flew by quickly. After Wednesday night’s tough loss, the Irish were back in the gym at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday morning. Coach Brey quickly pointed out the mistakes in the game, but emphasized all the things that the team did well overall during the three games. He emphasized the need for improvement, but also what a great advantage the team had by playing these three games. They now know what the focus of concentration will be in practices as they prepare for their two exhibition games on November 5 and 14 as well as the season opener against Northern Illinois on November 24.

After Thursday’s practice, the team spent a lazy day in the pool and on the beach. Later that night, there was a barbecue poolside and a limbo contest. Most of the players ate and then went exploring in town. They missed senior manager Laura Metzger win the limbo contest! All and all, it was a great evening. Most of the coaches and others on the trip relaxed for a couple of hours before heading over to Bubba’s to watch the World Series.

Friday was the final day, and what a day it was! The entire traveling party boarded a catamaran and sailed around part of the island. Halfway through the trip, the boat stopped and everyone jumped into the water and snorkeled. Although the water was somewhat murky, the Irish got to see the ocean life. It was truly unique experience to have so many fish swimming around you and to see so far into the water.

The boat headed to a different part of the island – a very posh section with beautiful homes and resorts. The players ate lunch and then headed into the water for a swim. A couple of the players rented a jet ski and were seen dashing off into the Caribbean Sea – luckily for them, they found their way back.

Friday night, their final night in Barbados, the players all went out together to get something to eat and then headed to bed for their early wake-up call.

The trip was certainly one that no one will ever forget. The players, the coaches and their families seemed to enjoy spending time together. It was a real bonding experience for everyone – many laughs and certainly many memories.

Check back in the next couple of days for a photo gallery of the team’s trip.