Oct. 21, 2003

After Sunday’s rain throughout the day, the sun never stopped shining. Everyone worked on their tans and rode the huge waves in the water.

As you can imagine, the water is a clear blue and very clean. The yellow flags were out today reminding swimmers to be careful because of the winds and high waves.

After a short practice, the Irish headed to the beach and swimming pool. The team certainly enjoyed the afternoon. Jordan Cornette, Chris Quinn, Rick Cornett, Colin Falls, Torrian Jones, Omari Isreal and Greg Bosl spent the most time in the water, while the other players just ventured to the pool. The seven players rode the waves for about an hour – with the waves winning most of the time. Rick was somewhat apprehensive at first, but really seemed to enjoy himself. Torrian ended up posing for many pictures in hopes of signing a modeling contract.

While there was much fun at the beach, those who stayed in the pool also had a great time. There was once again a very competive game of volleyball between Coach Kearney, Coach Balanis, Coach Ingelsby and Tish Brey. The fun really got started when Chris Thomas pushed Mrs. Brey in the pool.

The players ate their lunches at the outside food bar in the pool (yes, the stools were actually in the pool!) and enjoyed spending time together.

The entire traveling party headed to Brown Sugar Restaurant for a four-hour dinner that took longer than expected. The highlight of the evening was a roach that flew on Colin’s leg. That prompted the entire team to leave their table. Luckly, most everyone was done with their meal.

It’s 10:45 local time and Jordan, CQ and Colin are presently in the business center checking their e-mails. All the players seem to really be struggling with the fact that their cell phones are inoperable. One good thing that will come out of this is that cell phone bills next month will be less.

Some of the players are headed to get something to eat – apparently dinner wasn’t filling enough.

Hopefully Tuesday’s weather will be much the same – sunny and clear. Pool time may be cut short tomorrow as the Irish prepare for Tuesday night’s game against the Barbados National Team.

We’ll look forward to bringing you another update from Barbados tomorrow.