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Irish Forced To Watch And Wait

Nov. 29, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – There is nothing worse than sitting and waiting but that is exactly what the Irish are supposed to do this week.

Being independent means, the Irish sit and watch Championship week from their homes. They can no longer work on their record, ranking nor on their BCS standing. The regular season is over and now they can only hope for an invitation to a bowl game.

Unlike last year, Notre Dame is particularly interested in the outcome of a conference championship game. It is the Big 12 game, which will draw the Irish’s attention.

Oklahoma will face Kansas State for the championship and the finish will decide Notre Dame’s bowl game.

The question on many fans’ mind is what bowl game will it be?

The answer remains a mystery to most people. While none of the information is a guarantee, here is what might happen.

If the Wildcats can pull off the upset victory, then Miami would face Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Purdue will take on Washington in the Rose Bowl regardless. If Florida wins the SEC Championship then they could face either Notre Dame or Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

If the Sooners win, then they would play Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Purdue still meets Washington in the Rose Bowl. The Irish will then likely play in the Fiesta Bowl against the likes of Virginia Tech or Oregon State. Miami would play the SEC Champ in the Sugar Bowl.

Certain bowls have certain conference affiliations, which they are tied with. However, if a bowl is tied to a conference champion and that team is fighting for the National Championship, the bowl can go outside the conference.

Members of the state of Oregon are already sensing the loss of a BCS bid, thanks to the finish of Davie’s Irish. Of course nothing is set in stone until Sunday when the invitations are extended.