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Irish Football Players Ruled Eligible

August 24, 1998

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame last spring self-reported to the NCAA potential violations of NCAA rules. One matter involved five current student-athletes who were guests of a teammate for a January 1998 Chicago Bulls game outing paid for by Kim Dunbar.

Following the NCAA’s routine procedure with self-reports, the University declared the five student-athletes ineligible, then sought immediate restoration of their eligibility contingent on the players repaying the value of the benefit received. The NCAA has informed the University that it has accepted the University’s actions and restored the eligibility of those five players. Notre Dame anticipates receiving a final, written response from the NCAA at some future date concerning all information provided in the self-report.

Said Notre Dame athletic director Michael Wadsworth:
“Whenever an individual student-athlete has received a benefit prohibited by NCAA regulations, an institution’s self-report involves suspending that player — pending review by the NCAA — and requesting reinstatement. That was done in the normal course of events in this matter and what the NCAA has done is to answer the issue of eligibility as it relates to the five active players on our team. The eligibility issues have been dealt with and the players are reinstated. There are no other issues being considered by the NCAA that concern current student-athletes. The NCAA continues to review the entire self-report, but the issue of reinstatement of the active players has been addressed and adjudicated.

“We were delighted when this issue was clarified. Until such time as you learn the answer you always harbor some concern. We’re hoping to receive a final response on the entire matter from the NCAA in the next week or two. Although there are no longer eligibility implications for this team, we will all be a lot happier when we receive a final NCAA decision on the self-report.”

Said Irish football coach Bob Davie:
“It’s great to hear that eligibility is not a concern. It hasn’t impacted at all how we’ve prepared and it hasn’t impacted the preparation of the players involved. I’m happy there’s word our football team will be intact for the Michigan game, but we’ve prepared every day like they would be here.”