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Irish Fencers Win Four Midwest Fencing Conference Titles

March 3, 2002

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Notre Dame, Ind.– The Notre Dame men’s and women’s fencing teams each won two individual titles in Sunday’s second and final day of the Midwest Fencing Conference Championships. The competition saw over 200 fencers from 13 schools competing in the Joyce Center fieldhousefor six individual weapon’s championships, with Notre Dame fencers meeting to decide the title in two of the six weapons.

Notre Dame junior men’s epee captain and two-time All-American Jan Viviani won his first Midwest Conference Championship, defeating Ohio State’s Spencer “Willy” Jones 15-5 in the finals. Senior teammate Brian Casas – who defeated Viviani for last year’s championship – advanced to the semifinals, where he lost to Jones 15-2.

Another junior captain and two-time All-American, Ozren Debic, again reigned as the men’s foil champion, defeating Irish senior Steve Mautone 15-11. Debic becomes the first Notre Dame fencer ever to win three conference championships.

The women’s epee final also pitted Irish fencers against one another. Sophomore Kerry Walton – whose brother Forrest was the MFC runner-up to Debic in 2000 and ’01 – defeated two-time All-American Anna Carnick (the 2000 MFC champ) in a tightly-contested 15-13 bout.

Women’s foil once again relied on freshmen Alicja Kryczalo and Andrea Ament. Kryczalo scored an impressive victory over Ohio State’s Julia Foldi (15-5), becoming the first Irish freshman since Molly Sullivan (’85) to win a women’s conference title. Ament finished the day in fifth place, losing to semifinalist Hannah Thompson of Ohio State (15-12).

One of Notre Dame’s three returning conference champions, senior All-American Andre Crompton, lost to Wayne State’s Jacob Krochmalski (15-12) in the men’s sabre championship. Three-time All-American Andrzej Bednarski advanced to the semifinals, losing to Krochmalski 15-8.

Fifth-year Carrianne McCullough and sophomore Destanie Milo met in the women’s sabre semifinals, with McCullough advancing to the finals by the narrowest of margins (15-14) before falling to Ohio State’s Louise Bond-Williams (15-5) in the title bout.

The Notre Dame men’s and women’s fencing teams will travel to Cleveland on Saturday, March 9, to compete at the Midwest Regional Championships, which will help determine entrants for the NCAA Championships.

Men’s epee
1. Jan Viviani, Notre Dame
2. Spencer Jones, Ohio State
3. Brian Casas
T3 Wojciech Dudek, Wayne State
5. Michael Macaulay
6. Ricardo Jimenez, Detroit
7. Brian Gross, Ohio State
8. Nick Schumacher, Notre Dame
9. Andrew Nerlinger, Notre Dame
10. Carrington Ward, Chicago
11. Will Gathright, Northwestern
12. Jason Murdoch, Wayne State
13. Rob Russell, Michigan State
14. Eric Romein, Michigan State
15. Adam VonWald, Michigan State
16. Brian Moore, Case Western Reserve
17. Edwin Wilde, Cleveland State
18. Tim Beumer, Minnesota
19. Will Salerno, Northwestern
20. Akil Narayan, Northwestern
21. Christopher Chiu, Chicago
22. Alan Vorkmelker, Case Western Reserve
23. Brian Cook, Detroit
24. Seam Lai, Minnesota
25. Matthew Finlay, Case Western Reserve
26. Sean Bowen, Minnesota
27. James Scarie, Minnesota
28. Stephen Briesmeister, Wayne State
29. Javier Rodriguez, Detroit
30. Paul Delriya, Case Western Reserve
31. Jesse Mehrbach, Chicago

Men’s Foil
1. Ozren Debic, Notre Dame
2. Steve Mautone, Notre Dame
3. Eric McConkey, Cleveland State
T3 Nathan Weir, Ohio State
5. Craig Galanter, Ohio State
6. David Carrino, Ohio State
7. Akhbar Sherrif, Northwestern
8. Jeremy Beau, Notre Dame
9. Rex Briones, Wayne State
10. Marc Garurie, Case Western Reserve
11. Julie Rappaport, Northwestern
12. Joel Mathewson, Case Western Reserve
13. Kevin Dalley, Ohio State
14. Ian Chapp, Wayne State
15. Jeff Paplawsky, Michigan State
16. Jason Jopek, Wayne State
17. Tim Constantino, Case Western Reserve
18. Kin Lau, Michigan State
19. Bren McAneny, Northwestern
20. Bryan Schnettler, Lawrence
21. Matt Castellan, Notre Dame
22. Matt Borders, Michigan State
23. Ryan O’Leary, Northwestern
24. Dan Judge, Detroit
25. Raymond Laning, Ohio State
26. John Ferenbach, Lawrence
27. Ben Avner, Northwestern
28. Dan Bruns, Michigan State
29. Alan Graves, Northwestern
30. John Godhe, Minnesota
31. Charles Goodwin, Chicago
32. Dave Belczyk, Notre Dame
33. John Lee, Northwestern
34. Mike Shuell, Detroit
35. Steve Bernaz, Northwestern
36. Jason Macko, Cleveland State
37. David Nevel, Minnesota

Men’s Sabre
1. Jacob Krochmalski, Wayne State
2. Andre Crompton, Notre Dame
3. Andrzej Bednarski, Notre Dame
T3 Kitzelin Siebert, Ohio State
5. Aren Adjoian, Northwestern
6. Daniel Genzer, Cleveland State
7. Daniel Lascar, Chicago
8. Mark Mathias, Wayne State
9. Matt Soskins, Northwestern
10. Joe Zirkle, Northwestern
11. Brian Dosal, Notre Dame
12. Donovan Asselin, Michigan State
13. Jonathan Ferris, Wayne State
14. Brian Borchard, Notre Dame
15. Neil Bhamb, Northwestern
16. Matt Votruba, Detroit
17. Matt Fabricant, Notre Dame
18. Joe Weiss, Northwestern
19. Neal Salisian, Notre Dame
20. Bob Brazeau, Minnesota
21. Joseph Ventura, Cleveland State
22. Lukas Austin, Northwestern
23. Zev Berger, Chicago
24. Joe Costanzo, Cleveland State
25. Bryan Rathburn, Lawrence
26. Matt Socia, Michigan State
27. Anders Nelson, Michigan State
28. Carly Wells, Northwestern
29. Justin Wieber, Detroit
30. Rob Crookston, Minnesota

Women’s Epee

1. Kerry Walton, Notre Dame
2. Anna Carnick, Notre Dame
T3. Gaelyn Park, Ohio State
T3. Alexandra Shklar, Ohio State
5. Toya Richmond, Ohio State
6. Anna Vinnikov, Wayne State
7. Jennifer Greenebaum, Northwestern
8. Lynn Zuckerman, Northwestern
9. Meagan Call, Notre Dame
10. Elissa Beekman, Case Western
11. Molly Buckman, Michigan State
12. Erin Riley, Notre Dame
13. Kelsey Nenchek, Northwestern
14. Margaret Ruf, Northwestern
15. Heather Wenk, Minnesota
16. Kate Rigot, Northwestern
17. Amanda Collins, Wayne State
18. Brooke Miller, Lawrence
19. Kasia Babinski, Chicago
20. Sarah Murray, Wayne State
21. Susan Clark, Notre Dame
22. Katie Hoemann, Northwestern
23. Genevieve Bienosek, Northwestern
24. Arielle Fenton, Michigan State
25. Madeleine Gage, Detroit
26. Katherine Watts, Case Western
27. Christie Imholt, Chicago
28. Jennifer Von Glahn, Case Western
29. Kirsten Housing, Notre Dame
30. Aggie Ostrowski, Michigan State
31. Joy Visnjic-Flah, Cleveland State

Women’s Foil

1. Alijca Kryczalo, Notre Dame
2. Julia Foldi, Northwestern
T3. Hannah Thompson, Ohio State
T3. Metta Thompson, Ohio State
5. Andrea Ament, Notre Dame
6. Inga Wallrabenstein, Wayne State
7. Kate Rudkin, Northwestern
8. Kristen Dorf, Northwestern
9. Liza Boutsikaris, Notre Dame
10. Maggie Keberdle, Northwestern
11. Marta Rosatelli, Cleveland State
12. Elizabeth Persson, Case Western
13. Michelle Sutton, Notre Dame
14. Pin Chen, Northwestern
15. Elizabeth Emilian, Notre Dame
16. Mary Douglas, Michigan State
17. Melissa Datallo, Northwestern
18. Marilena Morariu, Cleveland State
19. Sarah Saloman, Northwestern
20. Carrie Bowles, Lawrence
21. Kathryn Schuster, Notre Dame
22. Kathryn Hefner, Wayne State
23. Jill Inghram, Notre Dame
24. Nora Mueller, Northwestern
25. Janjri Jasani, Northwestern
26. Elizabeth Elder, Case Western
27. Laura Chapin, Michigan State
28. Nikki Bunting, Michigan State
29. Emily Klosiewski, Lawrence
30. Gabriela Hinojosa, Detroit
31. Meghan Magill, Northwestern
32. Brianna Rockey, Minnesota
33. Johanna Nugent, Michigan
34. Kelly Thune, Minnesota
35. Audrey Fisher, Lawrence
36. Sarah Thompson, Detroit
37. Petrina Ee, Case Western

Women’s Sabre

1. Louise Bond-Williams, Ohio State
2. Carianne McCullough, Notre Dame
T3. Leah Tracy, Ohio State
T3. Destanie Milo, Notre Dame
5. Marijke Weldon, Northwestern
6. Laurel Scherffius, Northwestern
7. Kate Frambach, Northwestern
8. Lindsay Scheff, Lawrence
9. Haina Shin, Northwestern
10. Jennifer Ando, Ohio State
11. Danielle Davis, Notre Dame
12. Jessie Filkins, Notre Dame
13. Melanie Duda, Wayne State
14. Maggie Jordan, Notre Dame
15. Maggie Malenfant, Michigan State
16. Mary Ellen Keathley, Michigan State
17. Jinelle Lawson, Wayne State
18. Beth Nollenberger, Minnesota
19. Zaidat Bombata, Cleveland State
20. Lesley Washburn, Wayne State
21. Kate Schulz, Lawrence
22. Erin Garland, Lawrence
23. Molly Krebs, Ohio State
24. Linda Nguyen, Ohio State
25. Jennifer Lloyd, Case Western
26. Khadine Higgins, Lawrence
T27. Mary-Hope Feher, Notre Dame
T27. Anna Dey, Minnesota