Sophomore diver Joe Coumos left his mark on the Rolfs Aquatic record board Saturday, breaking the school record in the 3-meter event.

Irish Divers Continue to Excel In Southern Trip

Oct. 18, 2014

AUBURN, Ala. – The University of Notre Dame men’s diving squad finished its southern travels Saturday in a head-to-head meet with Auburn. The Irish fared favorably against the Tigers, led by sophomore Joe Coumos who earned second place in both the 1-meter and 3-meter events behind Auburn’s Fraser McKean.

Coumos led the way for the Irish with his 342.83 score in the 1-meter and 373.50 mark in the 3-meter. In the 1-meter competition, fellow sophomore James Lichtenstein finished third with 337.65, while senior Nick Nemetz was fourth with his 328.35 total score.

Rounding out the top 10, senior Ted Wagner finished seventh in the 1-meter (299.7), freshman Peter Myers clinched eighth (278.70) and senior Michael Kreft dove into ninth place (278.48).

The 3-meter competition featured similar results, as Wagner finished fourth (351.00) and Nemetz came in fifth (342.38), while Kreft was sixth (337.05) andLichtenstein came in seventh (332.85). Myers finished eighth (308.85), far ahead of ninth-place finish Peter Turnham’s (Auburn) 279.00 mark.

The diving squad will return to Atlanta, Georgia, to spend fall break practicing at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center in hopes of becoming more familiar with the site of the 2015 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Championships.

“We sent the male divers because Georgia Tech, South Carolina and Auburn were already going to have their divers competing at the same meets our women’s team was competing in,” says head diving coach Caiming Xie. “Our men’s divers showed great progress at these meets, and it will be great for the ACC Championships because they will already have experience at this pool.”

The full Irish team is back in the pool November 1st, when the men and women host Purdue at the Rolfs Aquatic Center.

Saturday’s Results:

1-Meter (6)

1. Fraser McKean (Auburn) 372.60

2. Joe Coumos (Notre Dame) 342.83

3. James Lichtenstein (Notre Dame) 337.65

4. Nick Nemetz (Notre Dame) 328.35

5. Justin Youtsey (Auburn) 325.28

6. Pete Turnham (Auburn) 321.53

7. Ted Wagner (Notre Dame) 299.70

8. Peter Myers (Notre Dame) 278.70

9. Michael Kreft (Notre Dame) 278.48

3-Meter (6)

1. Fraser McKean (Auburn) 378.98

2. Joe Coumos (Notre Dame) 373.50

3. Justin Youtsey (Auburn) 355.50

4. Ted Wagner (Notre Dame) 351.00

5. Nick Nemetz (Notre Dame) 342.38

6. Michael Kreft (Notre Dame) 337.05

7. James Lichtenstein (Notre Dame) 332.85

8. Peter Myers (Notre Dame) 308.85

9. Peter Turnham (Auburn) 279.00

Lizzie Mikes,

Media Services Coordinator