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Irish Close Out Final Day of Duke Meet

Final Results (PDF)

DURHAM, North Carolina — The third-ranked Notre Dame women’s fencing team took to the strip in the final day of the Duke Meet Sunday at the Card Gym in Durham, North Carolina. After five rounds of action, the women finished with a 3-2 record, including wins over the host Blue Devils.

The Irish got off to a fast start, making quick work of the first three opponents prior to the lunch break. In the first match, Notre Dame defeated Brandeis 21-6 after 3-0 performances from Isabelle Elizondo, Jane Caulfield, Reghan Ward and Miriam Grady.

In their next match against the host Blue Devils, a perfect record from the foil squad propelled the Irish to a 17-10 win. Against MIT, the foil team went 9-0 again and the Irish had a strong 24-3 win. Grady, Caulfield, Elizondo and Samantha Viqueira notched their second 3-0 record of the day while Dasha Yefremenko also went 3-0 against MIT.

After the break, the Irish had their two toughest opponents of the day in No. 6 Penn State and No. 5 Temple.

The Irish dropped a close match to the sixth-ranked Nittany Lions 15-12 in round four. The foil team put up another strong performance (7-2) but it was not enough to overcome Penn State.

In the final match of the day, the Irish dropped a tight match to the Owls 14-13. Morgan Partridge and Yefremenko tallied 3-0 records against fifth-ranked Temple.

The foil team was on top of their game on Sunday and finished with a 36-9 record. Caulfield led the group with an 11-2 mark followed by Elizondo (10-2) and Viqueira (9-2). Epeeist Yefremenko tied Caulfield for the most wins on the day after finishing with an 11-4 mark.


The Irish return to campus and prepare for the upcoming ACC Championships. The Irish will host ACC’s for the first time since 2016 at the Castellan Family Fencing Center. Both teams will look to retain their titles starting on Saturday, February 22.

Duke Duals Day 2
Card Gym
Durham, NC
Feb. 9, 2020

Women’s Results
No. 3 Notre Dame 21, Brandeis 6
Sabre (6-3): Reghan Ward 3-0, Natalie Disher 2-1, Yiyi Andrea Niu 1-0, Christina Boitano 0-2
Foil (8-1): Isabelle Elizondo 3-0, Jane Caulfield 3-0, Samantha Viqueira 2-1
Epee (7-2): Miriam Grady 3-0, Giorgina Giordano 2-1, Dasha Yefremenko 2-1
No. 3 Notre Dame 17, Duke 10
Sabre (5-4): Disher 2-1, Boitano 2-1, Ward 1-2
Foil (8-1): Viqueira 3-0, Morgan Partridge 2-0, Stefani Deschner 2-0, Caulfield 1-0, Elizondo 0-1
Epee (4-5): Grady 2-1, Giordano 1-2, Yefremenko 1-2
No. 3 Notre Dame 23, MIT 4
Sabre (7-2): Ward 3-0, Disher 2-1, Boitano 2-1
Foil (9-0): Caulfield 3-0, Elizondo 3-0, Viqueira 3-0
Epee (7-2): Yefremenko 3-0, Grady 3-0, Giordano 1-2
No. 6 Penn State 15, No. 3 Notre Dame 12
Sabre (2-7): Disher 2-1, Niu 0-3, Boitano 0-3
Foil (7-2): Elizondo 2-0, Caulfield 2-1, Viqueira 1-1, Deschner 1-0, Partridge 1-0
Epee (3-6): Yefremenko 2-1, Giordano 0-3, Victoria Tontcheva 1-2
No. 5 Temple 14, No. 3 Notre Dame 13
Sabre (3-6): Boitano 2-1, Disher 1-2, Niu 0-3
Foil (7-2): Partridge 3-0, Elizondo 2-1, Caulfield 2-1
Epee (3-6): Yefremenko 3-0, Tontcheva 0-3, Giordano 0-3