May 10, 2005

The NCAA legislative cycle has come to an end and there was a lot of legislation that was adopted that will change the areas of eligibility, recruiting, financial aid, academics, and playing and practice seasons. For a complete listing of the adopted legislation, log onto the NCAA website at Until then…check out the highlights:

  • 2004-84 ( provide SA with one shirt for travel or community service with institution’s logo)
  • 2004-21 (increase scholarship limits in vb from 12 to 13, w soc from 12 to 14, w track/cc from 18 to 20)
  • 2004-61 ( pay fees for institutional practice facility for voluntary workouts in the summer)
  • 2003-32 (media guides may not exceed 208 pages in length)
  • 2003-83 (prospects who enrolls and receives institutional athletics aid in the summer prior to their first initial full-time enrollment is now considered a current SA)
  • 2004-78 ( permits an institutional staff member to contact a prospect within 30 mile radius of campus on an official visit)
  • 2004-89 ( permits any member of the athletic department to provide ground transportation the prospect and family between campus and any airport, bus or train station on an official visit)
  • 2005-5 (To permit a student-athlete to receive actual and necessary expenses to participate in a permissible promotional activity, regardless of the location of the activity.)
  • 2005-7 (To eliminate the percent requirement on the coaching and officiating duties of a student-athlete employed in a sports camp or clinic.)
  • 2005-9 (To permit an institutional staff member to attend the funeral or memorial service of a student-athlete, a prospective student-athlete or a member of the prospective student-athlete’s immediate family, at which prospective student-athletes also may be in attendance, provided no recruiting contact occurs, and the involved prospect has signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI) with the institution. Further, to permit an institution to present a prospective student-athlete or the immediate family of a potential student-athlete, a donation (up to $100) to a charity on behalf of the prospective student-athlete or other reasonable tokens of support (e.g., flowers) in the event of the death of a prospect or the prospect’s immediate family member’s death or life threatening injury or illness provided the prospect has signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI) with the institution.
  • 2005-12 (:To permit an institution to provide complimentary admissions to home contests that have been relocated outside the 30-mile radius of the institution’s main campus due to the home facilities’ inoperable conditions (e.g., construction or facility repairs). As usual, if you have any further questions please call the Athletics Compliance Office at 574-631-8090. Always ask before you act!