Junior Jeremy Rae won the 1,000m run on Saturday at the Notre Dame Invitational.

Hoosierland Prevails Over The Commonwealth

April 10, 2011

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The University of Notre Dame men’s and women’s track and field team along with Indiana were able to gain border bragging rights over Kentucky and Louisville Saturday at the Kentuckiana Border Battle in Louisville, Ky. The Hoosierland men’s team defeated the Commonwealth 103-96, while the women’s team won 104-96.

Women’s Results

Javelin Throw: Amanda Chamblee was the second-place finisher (38.89m).

Hammer Throw: Madeline Casanova placed eighth (49.10m) and Mason Bashaw finished ninth (46.11m).

Pole Vault: Chrissy Finkel finished third (3.75m), while Jessica Sullivan placed eighth (3.65m). Kelly Burke finished ninth (3.40m) and Annie Polcari finished 10th (3.25m).

High Jump: Maddie Buttinger placed sixth (1.63m).

Long Jump: Jasmine Williams finished third (5.75m) and Maddie Buttinger finished fifth (5.67m).

Discus Throw: Vivien Devaney finished in seventh place (46.14m), followed by Madeline Casanova in eighth place (41.95m) and Emily Kujawski in ninth place (41.23m).

Triple Jump: Jasmine Williams was the second-place finisher (11.73m) and Kelly Burke placed fifth (11.32m).

Shot Put: Rudy Atang finished in fifth place (14.93m), followed by Madeline Casanova (13.02m) and Emily Kujawski placed ninth (11.93m)

5,000-meter run: Molly Hirt was the first-place finisher in 17:18.83, followed by Meg Ryan in second place in 17:22.72 and Theresa Cattuna placed sixth in 18:24.57.

1,500-meter run: Rebecca Tracy was the first-place finisher in 4:24.43, followed by Kelly Curran in second place in 4:27.26 and McKinzie Schulz finished in seventh place in 4:37.68.

100-meter hurdles: Nevada Sorenson finished in first place in 13.89, while Maddie Buttinger finished in third place 14.99 and Sasha Blanchard finished fifth in 15.46.

400-meter dash: Natalie Geiger finished in seventh place in 59.50.

800-meter run: Abby Higgins placed second in 2:11.88, followed by Kelly Langhans in fourth place in 2:13.29. Allison Schroeder finished fifth in 2:13.57 and Angela Ryck was the eighth-place finisher in 2:18.68.

400-meter hurdles: Sasha Blanchard placed fourth in 1:02.95 and Ann Marie Kelly finished in fifth place in 1:05.12.

200-meter dash: Aijah Urssery placed fifth in 25.37, followed by Maddie Buttinger was the eighth-place finisher in 26.06 and Nevada Sorenson finished ninth in 26.07.

3,000-meter steeplechase: Alexa Aragon finished in third place in 10:46.94 and Lindsey Ferguson placed fifth in 10:48.92.

Men’s Results

Javelin Throw: Justin Schneider finished in first place (52.37m), followed by Peter Kristiansen in second place (51.05m).

Hammer Throw: Andrew Hills claimed first place (57.76m), followed by Greg Davis Denes Veres Mitchell Gormley John Belcher Mike Smigelski

Long Jump: Logan Renwick placed fourth (6.81m).

Shot Put: John Belcher finished in third place (16.04m), followed by Andrew Brock in sixth place (15.45m) and Andrew Hills in seventh place (15.43m).

Pole Vault: Kevin Schipper placed first (5.10m) and Andrew Kolbeck finished in fifth place (4.80m).

High Jump: Doug Onuscheck finished in fourth place (2.01m).

Triple Jump: Logan Renwick placed fifth (14.50m).

Discus Throw: David Anderson finished in fifth place (47.12m), followed by Anthony Thomas in seventh place (45.85m) and Justin Schneider in eighth place (36.66m).

5,000 Meters: Mat Abernethy finished in sixth place in 15:23.29.

1,500 Meters: Jack Howard placed fourth in 3:48.66 and Spencer Carter placed 11th in 3:57.06.

110-meter hurdles: Jarrod Buchanon placed fifth in 15.10.

400-meter dash: Patrick Feeney placed second in 48.64 and Brendan Dougherty was the fifth-place finisher in 49.25.

100-meter dash: Miklos Szebeny finished in third place in 10.75.

800-meter run: Jeremy Rae finished in first place in 1:50.45, followed by Kevin Labus in fourth place 1:51.15 and J.P. Malette in 1:51.94. Jordan Carlson finished sixth (1:52.17) and Randall Babb placed ninth in 1:54.47, followed by Justin Schneider in 10th place (1:54.65). Jack Favorite finished 12th in 1:54.76 and Zac Suriano placed 21st in 2:03.88.

400-meter hurdles: Matthew Brown placed fourth in 56.57.

200-meter dash: Miklos Szebeny finished in fourth place in 21.86 and Patrick Feeney placed seventh in 22.39.

3,000-meter Steeplechase: Ryan Gamboa finished in fifth place in 9:08.67, followed by Joe Miller in sixth place in 9:09.64. Johnathan Shawel placed seventh (9:11.50) and Kelly Lynch finished eighth in 9:11.94.