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Head Coach Bob Davie's Comments After Tuesday's Practice

Sept. 26, 2000

Notre Dame, Ind. – The following are head coach Bob Davie’s comments after Tuesday’s practice on Notre Dame’s quarterback situation:

“We did a lot of different things today and we took a long look at (freshman) Matt LoVecchio, as well as (sophomore) Gary Godsey and (freshman) Jared Clark. We looked at all three of those guys and I am going to wait until I talk to (offensive coordinator) Kevin (Rogers) after practice. We had some problems with quarterback-center exchange today which always takes the edge off things and is frustrating. I can’t really say right now until I talk to Kevin, but we worked LoVecchio, we worked Godsey and also Jared Clark.

“I hope it takes care of itself. Matt and Gary will get the majority of the snaps and Jared Clark will get some of the snaps provided he can pick up the system and we are not wasting snaps with him. Athletically, there is no question he (Clark) can take snaps, and really the same with Carlyle Holiday. I think it just depends on how much he grasps of the offense and how much it looks like he can help the team this year. Matt LoVecchio has already played in a game, so obviously he will get a lot of snaps. Same with Gary Godsey. Jared Clark, if he really comes on strong, will put himself in a position to get more snaps, but I don’t want to waste snaps for a guy I don’t know is going to play in a game.

“I don’t want players and fans to draw conclusions because they are three talented quarterbacks and we don’t know long term how it is going to play out, but in the short term, Matt LoVecchio deserves to get most of the snaps and gives us the best chance from an overall efficiency standpoint, other than Gary Godsey.”