October 3, 1998

On the game: “I am proud of the way the team came out and executed early in the game. It was fun to be ahead early in the game. I am proud of the offensive execution most of the day. The 99-yard drive was about a fine of a drive as I’ve ever seen. We were pretty consistent and getting better.”

On Notre Dame’s defense: “I was glad that we played with more personality on defense. We responded well after the dropped punt. Then they started the second half after the return and the penalty. They had the ball at midfield but we were able to stop them. So we came up with some big plays on defense and showed some enthusiasm.”

On the significance of the win: “This was a big win for us but we have to put it behind us right now. We have to win a big game on the road. After the Michigan game, we went and lost at Michigan State. We gave them until Monday to enjoy the Michigan win, but we told them to get over the win tonight.”

On the senior class: “Our seniors, across the board, are starting to play the best of their careers. That is very important. Jamie Spencer is an improved player. He is playing the best he’s ever played in his career and he his healthy right now so it helps. Malcolm Johnson is playing the best of his career. Kory Minor has had some injuries so we need to get him healthy. We need to get Bobby Brown the ball more.”

On Notre Dame’s offense: “I like the way we used the option and combined the power game with the option and quarterback runs. We have a pretty good package, especially when you add the great throws that Jarious Jackson made. We are becoming a balanced offense. It isn’t easy to defend an offense with so many different weapons.”

On Notre Dame’s progress: “I am proud of the progress we’ve made. We are a better team than we were last year. We are getting better every week.”

On the Stanford offense: “Stanford has a prolific passing game, but we were concerned about stopping the run first. Last year, they were able to run on us and had their whole offensive line back. Stopping the run today definitely helped us.”