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Hard Hitting Glenn Earl

Aug. 28, 2003

by Cory Walton

The thing about Glenn Earl is, if you are wearing an opposing team’s jersey, you never see him coming, but you sure do feel it when he gets there. Just ask Florida State quarterback Chris Rix who was the recipient of one of Earl’s bone-crushing tackles last season. Earl, who has been dubbed one of the hardest hitters in college football, is also one of the quietest players on the Irish roster.

“He’s a quiet guy, but he has a fun personality. He can hold court with his teammates,” secondary coach Trent Walters says.

On the other hand, Walters praises Earl for delivering hard hits on the gridiron that can change the course of a game.

“The whole team is energized as a result of Glenn Earl’s play; they look to him for big knockouts. He’s known as our enforcer. When a running back comes through the line, he had better be aware of No. 19 because he’s going to come up and rock you. I don’t think any football player has fear of another player on the field, but Glenn definitely gives them some concern.”

The senior from Lisle, Ill., has recorded 134 career tackles, three interceptions and three sacks heading into his senior year. He will be counted on to deliver more of those massive hits as he anchors a secondary that is hoping to make a name for itself during the ’03 season.