June 26, 2002

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — A temporary exhibit of the 1946 “Game of the Century” between Army and Notre Dame has been unveiled at the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Ind., it was announced today by Hall of Fame officials.

The exhibit is the first of its kind at the museum as it features audio and video of the game played in Yankee Stadium. In addition to artifacts and pictures from the game, the display includes highlights from the television broadcast by NBC to 150,000 homes in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., as well as Bill Stern’s radio call of the game on CBS Radio Sports.

Besides following the TV and radio calls of the game, visitors can track the showdown’s progress through drive charts recreated from archival material and pictorial replications of the actual drive charts from the game.

Army, the two-time defending national champion, and Notre Dame, who was beating opponents by an average of 33 points a game, both entered the game undefeated. With four current or eventual Heisman Trophy winners, three current or eventual Outland Trophy winners and 23 current or eventual All-Americans on the field that day, many expected a wide-open, high-scoring game. However, the game ended in a 0-0 tie and Notre Dame went on to win the national title.

An Army jersey worn by Glenn Davis, Leon Hart’s monogram sweater and a Fighting Irish jersey from the 1940s are among the featured memorabilia in the exhibit. Other items include a ticket stub from the game and a SPATNC patch worn and made popular by Notre Dame students that stood for the Society for the Prevention of Army’s Third National Championship.

For more information on the 1946 Army-Notre Dame exhibit, please contact Hall of Fame Archives and Collections Manager Kent Stephens at 574-235-5711 or at kent.stephens@collegefootball.org.