Darrin Walls, who received a lateral from Tom Zbikowski on the play, runs toward the endzone. Walls eventually laterals back to Zbikowski who carried it into the endzone.

Greatest Plays of the Weis Era - #9 - The Lateral Play

July 28, 2009

Top Plays of the Weis Era

Notre Dame football fans do not have a lot of fond memories from the 2007 football season. The Irish limped to a 3-9 record, but the final game of the year at Stanford yielded two memorable plays – one of which was voted as the ninth-best play of the Charlie Weis era.

The halftime clock was winding down and Stanford was looking to notch a touchdown before the break with a desperate heave toward the end zone. David Bruton made the interception, fought off a tackle, lateraled to Tom Zbikowski – and the Irish took off down field.


Watch the video and you can see the penalty the official called during the run back. Trevor Laws was engaged with an offensive linemen, who fell over a player on the field behind him and Laws was called for unsportsmanlike conduct.

When und.com launched its redesigned site on July 8, 2009, we asked for Irish fans to vote for the top plays of the Charlie Weis era. After close to 13,000 votes, Notre Dame fans have determined the top 10 plays since 2005 – and we will be unveiling them one at a time over the next 10 business days until fall football practice begins on Aug. 8.

The Lateral Play is #9 on the list – check back tomorrow as we continue the countdown to #1.