Sept. 15, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Sometimes, you just have to know when to take big brother’s advice.

Gary Godsey hopefully accepted his older brother George’s hints for Saturday’s game.

The two brothers find themselves in similar situations, a setting with tremendous pressure.

On Saturday, the younger Godsey will step out on the field at Notre Dame stadium to make the first start of his collegiate career. Although, this whole scenario is not at all what anyone planned.

A little over a year and a half ago, the Irish coaching staff walked into the Godsey’s Tampa home and discussed how they wanted to bring Gary to Notre Dame as a tight end. His 6-foot-7 frame lends itself well to that position and so that is what Irish head coach Bob Davie decided would be best.

Not to mention that Notre Dame at the time was courting another quarterback whom they promised would be the only one signed in the recruiting class of 1999. Then things went a different direction. Despite being listed officially as a tight end for the 1999 season, Godsey moved back to quarterback for the spring season to alleviate Arnaz Battle from taking all the snaps in practice.

“The thing that I was so impressed with Gary about is that I saw him go through that situation,” Davie said. “Notre Dame was so important to him, and he felt so strongly about it that he put aside his personal wants of being a quarterback to come here as a tight end.”

Well Godsey’s wish is about to come true.

It is funny how things have come full circle for Godsey. He just like his brother will have to fill the shoes of a recognizable name. Godsey is set to make his first start for the Irish, replacing Battle and hopefully the younger Godsey will take cues from his older brother who started this season for Georgia Tech.

George Godsey faced the daunting task of stepping into a position vacated by Heisman runner-up Joe Hamilton. In fact with the departure of Hamilton, Georgia Tech head coach, George O’Leary, did not commit to Godsey being the automatic starter. It was his performance in spring practice, which earned him the starting spot.

Nobody is comparing Battle to Hamilton but Irish fans did see glimpses of brilliance in the first two games. While Battle’s arm may not have been the strongest, his ability to create plays is what excites many about this year’s team.

Saturday, the younger Godsey will step into an offensive scheme, which is primarily set for Battle’s option style. His brother experienced the same thing just weeks ago.

Irish fans can only hope for an outcome like his brother displayed in the Central Florida game, Georgia Tech’s home opener. The older Godsey rallied the troops and defeated Central Florida, 21-17.

Fans will see if Gary took to heart anything his brother had to offer in terms of advice on Saturday. Watch for him to come out strong and make a statement that the Godsey brothers should not be underestimated.