Freshman Sofia Revilak makes her ACC Championship debut this week.

Getting to Know Sofia Revilak

Feb. 18, 2016

By Kathy Minko

Freshman Sofia Revilak swims freestyle and butterfly for the Fighting Irish women’s team. A member of the Mexican Junior National Team, this Mexico City native competed in the 2015 Pan Am Games. She placed 10th the 100 fly and 5th in the 400m relay. Revilak plans to pursue a degree in Political Science and Economics. She enjoys eating the dining hall’s funnel fries and watching Fantasia in her free time.

Q: What has been your favorite swim moment at Notre Dame?

A: “We had a meet two weeks ago -the Shamrock Invite – and we broke the pool record in the 400 free relay. I anchored it, so that was really cool. I touched the wall, and everyone was so excited. The energy in the pool was amazing.”

Q: What’s been your favorite team bonding experience?

A: “Well, we have a tradition on the team, which is basically any time we get together or hang out, we put on “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson, and we all just sing it. It’s the best thing ever.”

Q: What do you love about swimming fly / free?

A: “I like both of those strokes a lot, although the butterfly is my favorite. I think it’s kind of like a masochistic kind of thing because it hurts so much to train for it, but it feels good to train really hard like that.”

Q: Who’s the funniest person on your team and why?

A: “I’d probably have to say Ellie Berdusco. She’s a freshman and so goofy – just the goofiest person I’ve ever met. She has the funniest laugh ever. Someone will make her laugh, and you’ll just laugh at her laugh.”

Q: Favorite class you’re taking this semester?

A: “Probably Economics. I really want to double major in Econ, so I’m just now getting into it. I like it so far. It’s a little hard, but I enjoy it.”

Q: If you could excel at any other sport, what would it be?

A: “Soccer, for sure. I’m from Mexico, so I grew up around that. I’ve always wished I was good at it, but I never was. I watch the World Cup every year.”

Q: What’s one thing you’d do if no one was watching you?

A: “I would probably eat a whole cake or something.”

Q: If your life were a movie, who would play you?

A: “Kerry Washington. I want to be her. The way she carries herself [on Scandal] is so cool.”

Q: Who’d be your love interest on Scandal?

A: “Well if we’re going with the same thing from Scandal, Fitz for sure.”

Q: Disney or Nickelodeon?

A: “Disney, for sure.”

Q: What’s your favorite Disney movie or show?

A: “This is probably going to be a super different answer, but I was just watching Fantasia. It’s very old and plays such classical music. It’s my favorite. For some reason it came up on my computer, so I was watching it and remembering my childhood. It was great.”

Q: What’s a talent you don’t have but wish you did?

A: “I wish I could dance really well. Since I’m Mexican, I go to all these family parties and we end up salsa dancing. I’m so uncoordinated, and it takes me a long time to get into it, but when I finally do, no one wants to dance anymore. So I just want to be really good at salsa.”

Q: Worst thing you’ve eaten at the dining hall?

A. Funnell cake fries. Those are like the devil.”