Freshman Madeline Antekeier has been a major contributor on the women's epee squad in her rookie season.

Getting To Know: Madeline Antekeier

Feb. 22, 2016

By Kathy Minko ’18

Freshman fencer Madeline Antekeier (“Madi”) has quickly made an impression on the Irish women’s epee squad, posting a 35-14 record heading into this weekend’s Atlantic Coast Conference Championships. The Irish rookie has competed on the international stage, including with the world team in Uzbekistan and won gold in the cadet and junior epee competitions at last July’s North American Cup. A member of the Alliance Fencing Academy, Antekeier resides in Houston, Texas, and plans to major in Chinese and Finance. She enjoys Au Bon Pain mac-and-cheese, the color purple, and Dakota Fanning.

Why did you choose Notre Dame?
Well, my great aunt went here, a lot of my extended family went here, and my mom was really upset when she didn’t get in. I really only applied to two schools – here and Duke – and I liked here a lot better. Plus, the Dome.

You’re a freshman. What’s the noob-est mistake you’ve made so far?
Oh man. It was when we had that huge first year adviser meeting. I’m not a science major, so I had no idea where Jordan [Hall of Science] was. I just kept wandering around, asking where it was because it’s just not my area. I don’t go that way!

What’s one talent you don’t have but you wish you did?
I wish I could sing. I think that’d be really fun. [If I could sing like anybody], it would be Beyoncé.

Favorite part of your dorm, Cavanaugh?
I really like how close-knit everyone is. You’ll see people and stop to have a conversation, and it’s really nice because everyone in the dorm is at least on an acquaintance level.

What’s your go-to meal (calories are not a thing)?
I would go for APB mac-and-cheese. If calories didn’t exist, I’d eat it everyday.

Favorite team-bonding memory so far:
My squad had a girls night, and we made crepes and did a bunch of team bonding things like that. I thought it was really fun. Because my captain and I are vegetarians, we made crepes with sauteéd vegetables for dinner. For dessert, we had lemon sugar and Nutella crepes. They were so good.

Favorite class you’re taking this semester:
This semester, I really like my ceramics class. I just really like to do artsy things. Being a business and Chinese major, there isn’t a lot of room in my projected schedules to do that, so I just wanted to take the opportunity when I could. Ceramics was something I’ve never done before. I’ve drawn and I’ve painted, but I’ve never done ceramics.

What color of the rainbow best suits you?
Oh, I really like purple, indigo, violet, whatever you prefer. I tend to like darker colors, and purple’s always been my favorite color ever since I was little. People would always say, “Do you want to be a pink princess?” And I’d reply, “No, no, I want to be purple.”

Favorite animal with four legs?
There are these really cool cats called caracals, and they have tufted ears. I just think they’re so cute. They’re like snow leopards, and I love cats.

If you could be in anyone’s place for a day, who would it be and why?
Madame CJ Walker. She was the first self-made millionaire, so I think it’d be pretty cool to just know how she did things, why she wanted to do them, things like that.

If your life was a movie, who would you hire to play you?
Oh man. There’s so many options, but I’ll go with Dakota Fanning. I like her!