Jake Golic

Getting To Know... Jake Golic

Sept. 23, 2010

Getting To Know …
Tight End Jake Golic

No. 88 * 6-4 * 235 * So. – West Hartford, Conn./Northwest Catholic

Sophomore tight end Jake Golic serves as part of a very deep and talented group of tight ends on the Notre Dame roster. Golic spent the 2009 campaign focusing on his weight training, while also serving as an understudy to upperclassmen Kyle Rudolph and Mike Ragone. In the 2010 season opener, Golic got his first taste of live game action against the Purdue Boilermakers. GameDay’s Aaron Horvath gives Irish fans a chance to get to know Jake Golic.

HORVATH: What is your area of study at Notre Dame?
GOLIC: Industrial Design. I’m trying to get into the field of car or product design. It’s a little off of the path of what my family has done in radio and television.

HORVATH: What is your favorite place on campus?
GOLIC: The Grotto. It’s a great place to clear your mind

HORVATH: What is your earliest football memory?
GOLIC: My first TD back in Pop Warner. It was something cool for me just starting out in football; getting that feeling of scoring and having everybody cheer for you at such a young age.

HORVATH: If the Irish Tight Ends had a theme song, what would it be?
GOLIC: “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge.

HORVATH: What TV show do you never miss?
GOLIC: Dirty Jobs, it’s a pretty good show.

HORVATH: If you were a candy, what candy would you be?
GOLIC: I would say a Milky Way because I really enjoy them.

HORVATH: If Hollywood made a movie about you, who would you like to see play you in the lead role?
GOLIC: Bradley Cooper

HORVATH: If you could put together a foursome to play golf, who would you have join you?
GOLIC: President Barack Obama, Michael Jordan and Dallas Clark (Indianapolis Colts tight end).

HORVATH: If you weren’t playing football, what sports would you be playing?
GOLIC: I would try to play basketball.

HORVATH: If you could have any superpower, what would you want?
GOLIC: I would want the ability to fly, it would get me from point A to point B very quickly.

HORVATH: What song would people be surprised you have on your iPod?
GOLIC: Any Katy Perry song.

HORVATH: If you had a time machine, where would you travel to?
GOLIC: I would go back to when my dad (Mike Golic) was playing football here (at Notre Dame) to watch him play because he talks a lot of junk about how good he was. I would want to see if he could really back it up.

HORVATH: What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?
GOLIC: For my senior Halloween party in high school, a few of my friends and I went as volleyball players. We wore short spandex volleyball shorts and uniforms. Needless to say, it was disgusting.

HORVATH: If Coach Kelly were not coaching, what would he be doing for a living?
GOLIC: He would be a motivational speaker; he is incredibly good at talking, motivating and encouraging people.

HORVATH: Who is the best jokester on the team?
GOLIC: Dan Fox. He is just a sly guy and you never know what he is going to do behind your back.

HORVATH: What sold you on Notre Dame?
GOLIC: My family, the whole family bloodline coming here. My brother (Mike Jr.) coming here, my dad (Mike Sr.) and his two brothers (Bob and Greg) coming here. It was definitely tradition.

HORVATH: What was your first memory of Notre Dame growing up?
GOLIC: The first game I came to was against Michigan. I remember how exciting it was and the great atmosphere around the stadium; I knew that I wanted to come here.

HORVATH: What is your favorite nickname for a teammate?
GOLIC: Some people call Dan Fox, “Fabio.” That’s my favorite.

HORVATH: Who is your favorite professor on campus?
GOLIC: My psychology professor from last year, Anre Venter.

HORVATH: If you could play in any stadium, which one would you choose?
GOLIC: The new (Dallas) Cowboys Stadium would be cool to play in. To be able to see that big jumbotron and all that other cool things they have would be awesome.