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Getting To Know Irish Snapper Scott Raridon

Sept. 9, 2003

by Nicole Rapagnani

When did you start playing football?

I started playing flag football around second or third grade, and then the first padded football I played was in seventh grade.

What position did you start at?

I played tight end and defensive end all the way up until my junior year in high school. Then I just started playing tight end the whole time. I moved to offensive line when I got to Notre Dame.

What made you decide on Notre Dame?

It had the best combination of a great football program and great academics. That’s what I was looking for – a great school that also had a great football program and I thought Notre Dame had the best of both worlds.

Did you ever want to go to Notre Dame before the end of your high school career?

I committed to Notre Dame before my senior year, so I decided before I finished out. But before I was recruited, I honestly didn’t think about Notre Dame at all. I didn’t think I would get an offer by them because I didn’t know how good I would be. I was thinking of going to more of a local school, like Iowa or Nebraska.

How would you describe your first year at Notre Dame?

It’s a lot of adjusting and getting used to things – trying to figure out who you are, trying to figure out how things are done and how to do them. I would describe it as an adjustment period. It was also a lot of fun, but it was a lot of hard work.

What did you do to prepare for this year? Did you prepare differently for this year, your sophomore year, than you did before your first year?

I think I worked a lot harder in the weight room. I started feeling more comfortable with the coaches, the strength coaches and with the guys who I was working out with. In feeling more comfortable with them, I started feeling more at home, and I was able to focus more. I had a lot more opportunity to prepare and work harder than I did last year coming out of high school.

Did you get a rush the first time you came out of the tunnel onto the football field? Yeah.

Did that change at all this year since you were actually out on the field playing?

It’s a lot different. As a freshmen you contribute as a person who does scout team. This time, I was on the field for that last play. I was a part of that snap and that last kick that went in. It was so much fun. It just made all the hard work worth it. It wasn’t even that big of a deal. I just went in for about eight plays, and it just made that big of a difference.

Can you describe how you felt after you saw that the field goal was good in overtime?

I was so happy that first of all we came back. And secondly, I was a part of it. I almost wanted to cry. I didn’t, but I was just so overwhelmed and so happy. I didn’t ever think that I could be that happy about winning a game. I’ve always loved to win, but I was never that emotional about it.

How are you preparing for the game this weekend against Michigan?

Basically just working on fundamental techniques, staying low, doing the basics and working hard. We are trying our best and giving it our all. I think that’s the best way that we can prepare.

Scott Raridon is a sophomore offensive tackle from Mason City, Iowa and is enrolled in the Mendoza College of Business. While he did not see time for the Irish offensive line as a freshmen, he has already seen time this season in the first game, helping the Irish to defeat Washington State. Be sure to watch what else will come from the new Irish snapper.