Entry 7: May 28, 2002

Como definitely lists as the team’s favorite Italian city. It rests on the “moto bella Lago Como” – the very beautiful Lake Como. In the morning, we took a boat ride around the lake, with the Swiss Alps on the horizon.

Later in the afternoon, the team toured the silk factory, then went up the mountain to observe the breathtaking view. Jill, Katy and Le’ also wanted to take measurements on their new villas. =)


Not only do Italian players smell funky (that shower thing must not work out for them), they foul worse than any team I’ve ever played stateside. Each of us took turns touring the floor during the games …

UPDATES … Follow your favorite player!!!

Teresa made the Italian paper … how cool is that?

Karen’s Italian roots are blossoming very well. Her knowledge of food has been used many times by myself.

Speaking of knowledge, Jeneka is still the Zen master of our team. Her spiritual counsel has been greatly appreciated.

Alicia’s favorite part of our lake tour was the sighting of Gianni Versace’s villa on the shore.

Le’ apparently has a famous Italian twin across the world named Fionna May. The real Fionna May won a medal in the last Olympics long jumping. Le’ capitalizes on this all the time with the males, making her an instant hit overseas!

Jacqueline purchased a jester hat – incredibly fitting since she’s the team prankster. Since I suffer from Delayed Sensory Perception, I make a prime target, but one day … who knows, right Jack?

Ms. Jillian, it turns out, has friends across the world. Not only did a friend from Sicily visit her, but also a random Australian man who followed her and Katy to the game.

Katy is currently questioning whether her father will let her back in the U.S. Although her purchases are the trendiest, they come at a price maybe equal to the price of the Golden Dome. =)

We’re off to Nice, France, tomorrow for some fun in the sun before we come home this weekend. Until next time … au revoir (that’s French for “good bye!”) …