Entry 4: May 25, 2002

Today, we visited Verona, the Italian city made famous by Shakespeare for its locale as the home of star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. We toured the balcony and saw a statue of Juliet. After that, we saw a miniature coliseum called The Arena, and then … you guessed it … we went shopping! This time, much to the dismay of our parents’ credit cards, the venture was more successful.

One thing we saw when we got to Venice was the large number of pigeons, which are particular creepy … straight out of a Hitchcock film. In jest, Jill bought some bird food and was nearly swallowed by the swarm of pigeons landing on her arms, milling by her feet and (eww!) nesting in her hair! We’ve got the whole thing on tape, which is pretty funny.

Venice was an amazing city … incredibly beautiful architecture and bridges formed the pathways over the canals, and the Adriatic Sea was gorgeous. The highlight of the day, however, was definitely when Coach K (Kevin McGuff) drove our tour boat back to our hotel in Mestre … Coach got skills! =)

We’ll talk to you tomorrow with more from Venice … Ciao!