Oct. 14, 1997

Notre Dame Accepts Stanford Apology

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The University of Notre Dame condemns the bigotry displayed bythe Stanford University band and accepts the accompanyingletter of apology issued by Stanford President Gerhard Casper,Notre Dame’s president, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., saidtoday.

The band’s pregame and halftime performances at the NotreDame-Stanford football game Oct. 4 included a series of ethnicand religious slurs directed toward Catholics and people ofIrish descent.

“As a community formed largely by Irish-American Catholics, wefind the behavior of the Stanford band not merely sophomoricand boorish, but personally offensive,” Father Malloy said.”Such bigotry – whether directed at Catholics, Jews, the Irish,African-Americans, Native Americans or any other group – isabsolutely unacceptable, especially from a student organizationrepresenting an institution that rightfully prides itself ondiversity.

“After engaging in 10 days of private conversation with membersof the Stanford administration, I am pleased they have joinedNotre Dame in forcefully condemning the band’s behavior.Although the band’s performance and public statements indicatean ignorance of Irish history and indifference to humansuffering in that country, I trust this will be the last timethe group engages in bigotry against racial, ethnic, religiousor other historic minorities.”

The Stanford band has been barred from the Notre Dame campussince a 1991 performance mocked members of the Catholic faith,and Father Malloy said that prohibition will continueindefinitely. He also applauded Stanford’s decision to prohibitthe band from performing when Notre Dame visits Stanford againin 1999.