Sophomore quarterback Jimmy Clausen tied his career high with three touchdown passes in last Saturday's 21-13 win over San Diego State at Notre Dame Stadium.

Game Format and Scoring Adjusted for 2008 Blue-Gold Game

April 9, 2008


  • There will be two 30-minute halves with a running clock.
  • Clock stoppages will occur only due to injuries or timeouts.
  • Normal clock rules will apply to the last two minutes of each half.


  • Each team will be allowed three timeouts per half.


  • Halftime will last 20 minutes.


  • A coin toss will occur Wednesday, April 16 to determine jersey color, sidelines and locker room for the offense and defense.
  • There will be a ceremonial coin toss at the beginning of the Blue-Gold game to determine which end zone the defense will defend.


  • Players in red jerseys must be tagged off with two hands to be down. All other players are live.
  • Each possession to start a half, following a score or after a defensive stop will begin on the 35-yardline. If the ball is punted, then the drive will begin from the spot of the return.
  • There will not be any kickoffs.
  • A scoring point system will determine the winner of the game.


1st Down 1 point
Explosive Play
(10-yard rush/20-yard pass)
2 points
Field Goal 3 points
Touchdown 6 points
Extra Point 1 point
2-point Conversion 2 points
Blocked Punt 3 points


Defensive Stop 2 points
Sack 2 points
3 and Out 3 points
Missed Field Goal 3 points
Turnover 6 points
Turnover for Touchdown 10 points
Missed Extra Point 1 point
Missed 2-point Conversion 2 points
Blocked Field Goal 3 points