Aug. 15, 2001

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The Notre Dame football team opens practice on Thursday, August 16. The freshmen members of the squad started participating in two-a-day practices starting on Monday.

The following is an interview with freshman Mark LeVoir, who recently switched from tight end to offensive tackle, about his first days of practice at Notre Dame.

Talk about your first couple days of practice.

“It has been tough. There is a lot more to learn so you have to be sharp mentally. You really have to pay attention to detail and to your technique. The whole speed and intensity of practice is a lot more than I thought it would be.”

Having spent the whole summer here, did the rest of the team tell you what to expect.

“The guys told me what it was going to be like. I really did not believe them until I got in there.”

You just recently changed positions from tight end to offensive tackle. Has that changed your mindset at all?

“The change is fine with me. Right now, I am just focused on learning tackle because it is all new to me.”

What are you doing at night after practice?

“Mostly, I have been hanging out with my o-line buddies, trying to figure out what all the plays are.”

With all these intense practices, are you tired?

“Yes. I went to bed around 10:30 last night.”

How is the food in the dining hall?

“I have had the dining hall food all summer and I like it. It is good.”

How do you think it is going to be different on Thursday when you start working with the whole varsity squad?

“Practice will be a lot faster. I am sure I will get thrown around a lot.”