Nov. 13, 2002

by Kevin Herrity

Irish running back Tim O’Neill has been through a lot since he began playing football here five years ago. He started out as a freshmen walk-on, and will finish his career as a fifth-year scholarship player. Through all of the ups and downs his five years at Notre Dame have been nothing less than great.

“The last five years has been such a great experience,” O’Neill says.

“Growing up as a little kid you always dream about playing football for Notre Dame and now that it’s almost over, it has surpassed everything that I could have imagined, especially this year. It has been a dream come true, and just to be a part of Notre Dame and the tradition has been an unbelievable experience.”

O’Neill has had to deal with winning seasons, losing seasons and a coaching change, but through all of that his role on this Notre Dame football team has not changed.

“My role has not changed that much on the team, ” O’Neill says.

“The one thing that has changed has been the structure of the practice. Last year, I was always working down with the defense on the scout offense so the offensive coaches never really got to see me run the ball. This year all of the coaches get to see you run the ball because the offense and defense are not always split up. I am always working as hard as I can to prove that I am as good of a football player as people who got here a different way than I did.”

O’Neill and the Irish have a bye this weekend, before they will take on Rutgers next Saturday. This means they have the weekend off, and he will be utilizing this weekend to enjoy some home-cooked meals and start interviewing for future jobs.

“I will be going home, and then I will be going to New York on Sunday for an interview on Monday.”

O’Neill can’t get enough of the lifestyle he is currently living being a Notre Dame football player. He plans to head to Wall Street where he wants to be involved in trading, and believes his experience here will help him out in the real world.

“I want to be a trader on Wall Street. I think football has prepared me to live in a fast-paced lifestyle that I would be living by being a trader.”