April 18, 2007

The University of Notre Dame football team held its final practice before the Blue-Gold Game (Saturday, April 21, 1:30 p.m. ET) on Wednesday, April 18. The team also determined the starting quarterbacks for the game on Saturday.

Both team’s upperclassmen quarterbacks called a coin flip for the ability to be the first quarterback on the field for their respective teams on Saturday. Both upperclassmen, Demetrius Jones for the Blue and Evan Sharpley for the Gold, lost their coin tosses. That determined Jimmy Clausen will start the game for the Blue, while Zach Frazer will start for the Gold.

Ultimately, the coin flip ended up just determining the order that the quarterbacks will be on the field. The starters will have the odd-numbered offensive series, while the other two will take the even-numbered series.

The latest information from the football program and for the game this weekend –