Aug. 18, 2015

Will Fuller – Junior – Wide Receiver

On his ability to handle pressureââ’¬¦

“When the spotlight is on me, I think I do a great job handling all the pressures. I love big moments and being under the lights. If my number is called, I get excited.”

On playing in Notre Dame Stadiumââ’¬¦

“It gets you really pumped up. When I played in high school, I didn’t have as many people coming to my games, so it was a big difference coming into this from high school. It’s been a lot of fun playing underneath the lights. All the things we get to experience are awesome, and coming out of that tunnel means a lot to me.”

On his strengthsââ’¬¦

“I think my quickness off the run separates me. I want to catch the defensive backs maybe sleeping, and just getting a quick release off them. You have to be good when the ball is in the air. You have to judge the ball well, and I think I do that well. Getting it at the highest point is the key thing.”

On returning from an impressive sophomore campaignââ’¬¦

“I know that defensive backs want to go against me. I’m not a surprise this year. They’re going to be aware of what I did last year on screens.”

On the wide receiversââ’¬¦

“I think we all teach each other each day in practice. Someone has a great day in practice each day. I think any one of us can get it done.”