Aug. 18, 2015

Mathias Farley – Graduate Student – Defensive Back

On describing Brian Kelly as a coachââ’¬¦

“The biggest thing is that he is very driven and he wants the best out of everybody and the best for everybody. So he is going to get that out of you each and every play. He is very hands-on and observant of what is going on in the entire field. He is very detailed and driven to push us to be the best we can be.”

On the evolution of Brian Kelly’s coaching styleââ’¬¦

“I think he’s been the same guy the whole time I’ve been here. I think it is easier after you’ve been more established at a place ââ’¬¦ as far as his strategy and his approach to dealing with us, the interactions we have has been very consistent.”

On struggles of the defense in the second half of the season last year and becoming more consistentââ’¬¦

“I think it just comes down to being more comfortable. Obviously losing Joe (Schmidt) was a blow last year, but I think everybody has a better understanding of everything this year. So, just having more time in the system has been the biggest difference for everyone.”

On KeiVarae Russell’s returnââ’¬¦

“It’s huge. Obviously he is an incredible corner and we really missed him last year. He worked his tail off in the offseason and came back firing on all cylinders. There was a piece of us missing last year and now that he is back that has been filled. Obviously he is going to contribute all over the field this year.”

On who he models his game on from the NFLââ’¬¦

“I look to (former Notre Dame and current Minnesota Vikings safety) Harrison Smith a lot. He was a senior when I was a redshirt freshman. (I liked) the way he played, approached the game and how he interacted with people. His whole persona is something you want to emulate.”