April 17, 2007

The University of Notre Dame football team has released the rosters for the 2007 Blue-Gold Game and format for the upcoming final scrimmage of the spring this Saturday, April 21.

Game Format


  • There will be four 15-minute quarters with a running clock.
  • Last 2 minutes of each half normal.
  • Clock stoppages will only occur due to injuries or timeouts called.


  • Each team will be allowed 3 timeouts per half (clock will stop at each timeout).


  • Halftime will last 20 minutes.


  • There will be a ceremonial coin toss at the beginning of Saturday’s game.


  • The game can end in a tie. There will be no overtime.


  • Starting QB to be determined by staff coin toss.
  • Quarterbacks will alternate series.
  • Quarterbacks will wear red jerseys.
  • Quarterbacks will be tagged off with two hands to be called down.



  • Each possession will begin from the offense’s own 35-yard line after each score or to begin a half.
  • Offense can place ball on either hash or the middle of the field.


  • Defense must match up personnel.
  • Defense may rush no more than five.


  • No kickoffs or kickoff returns will be used.
  • Punt = hold up only.
  • Rusher off defensive left side (offensive right side).
  • Fair catch only.
  • If punter goes on field, you must punt. Exceptions: #17 as holder.
  • If PAT, FG goes on field, you kick the ball, no rush = FG Safe.
  • Exception: End of game.

Blue Team Roster

2-Darrin Walls, DC;
3-Demetrius Jones, QB;
5-Armando Allen, HB;
6-Ray Herring, DS;
7-Jimmy Clausen, QB;
8-Raeshon McNeil, DC;
11-David Grimes, WR;
17-Geoff Price, P;
19-George West, WR;
23-William David Williams, DC;
24-Brandon Erickson, WR;
25-Munir Prince, DC;
26-Travis Thomas, HB;
28-Kyle McCarthy, DS;
29-Jashaad Gaines, DS;
31-Sergio Brown, DS;
32-Luke Schmidt, FB;
33-Nate Whitaker, K;
36-Dex Cure, FB;
36-Alex Lough, ILB;
38-Nick Possley, WR;
41-Nikolas Rodriguez, HB;
42-David Costanzo, WR;
43-Mike Anello, DC;
46-Michael Planalp, TE;
48-Steve Quinn, ILB;
52-Joe Brockington, ILB;
53-Morrice Richardson, OLB;
54-Anthony Vernaglia-OLB;
61-J.J. Jansen, LS;
69-Neil Kennedy, NT;
82-Robby Parris, WR;
86-Michael Talerico, TE;
89-John Carlson, TE;
92-Derrell Hand, NT;
93-Paddy Mullen, DE;
94-Justin Brown, DE;
97-Kallen Wade, DE

Blue Team Coaches

Honorary Head Coach: Ara Parseghian
Offense: Michael Haywood, Ron Powlus, Shane Waldron
Defense: Bill Lewis, Jappy Oliver, Patrick Graham
Honorary Assistant Coaches: Brian Boulac, Joe Yonto
Honorary Captain: Ross Browner

Gold Team Roster

1-D.J. Hord, WR;
4-Gary Gray, DC;
9-Tom Zbikowski, DS;
12-Zach Frazer, QB;
13-Evan Sharpley, QB;
15-Leo Ferrine, DC;
16-Justin Gillet, QB;
20-Terrail Lambert, DC;
21-Barry Gallup, WR;
22-Ambrose Wooden, DC;
24-Leonard Gordon, DS;
27-David Bruton, DS;
29-Jake Richardville, WR;
34-James Aldridge, HB;
35-Kevin Smith, ILB;
35-Joe Bizjak, K;
37-Junior Jabbie, HB;
38-Wade Iams, DC;
39-Ryan Burkhart, K;
39-Kevin Brooks, TE;
40-Maurice Crum, ILB;
41-Scott Smith, ILB;
42-Kevin Washington, OLB;
43-Eric Maust, P;
44-Asaph Schwapp, FB;
45-John Leonis, DB;
45-Kris Patterson, WR;
47-Mike Narvaez, FB;
49-Toryan Smith, ILB;
57-Dwight Stephenson, Jr., DE;
59-Chris Stewart, NT;
80-Richard Jackson, WR;
84-Will Yeatman, TE;
85-Sam Vos, WR;
88-Konrad Reuland, TE;
90-John Ryan, OLB;
91-Xavier Burton, P;
96-Patrick Kuntz, NT;
98-Trevor Laws, DE

Gold Team Coaches

Honorary Head Coach: Lou Holtz
Offense: Rob Ianello, Bernie Parmalee, Kevin Loney
Defense: Corwin Brown, Brian Polian, LeRoy Knight
Honorary Assistant Coaches: Foge Fazio, Tony Yelovich
Honorary Captain: Tony Rice

Green Team Roster (can play on both teams)

51-Dan Wenger, OG/OC;
55-Eric Olsen, OG;
63-Jeff Tisak, OT;
67-Thomas Bemenderfer, OC/OG;
71-Bartley Webb, OT;
72-Paul Duncan, OT;
73-Matt Carufel, OG;
74-Sam Young, OT;
77-Mike Turkovich, OG;
78-John Sullivan, OC