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Five Favorite Photos of The Week

Nov. 22, 2017

By Erin Locascio

Erin Locascio is a photography and graphic design intern for the University of Notre Dame. Throughout the year she will have a weekly post about her favorite five photos from the week’s events. This week Locascio is highlighting Notre Dame volleyball and football.

In each post Locascio will give background information on the photo and why she selected it.

O-Line Does Work

Two members of the offensive line are locked in on blocking the Navy defenders, as Wimbush is seen in the back dropping back to make a throw. I love that this shows what occurs on every offensive snap. Their determination is seen through their stances and facial expressions. The offensive line has been doing work all year making holes for running backs and protecting the quarterback. That is why the Notre Dame offensive line is a semifinalist for the 2017 Joe Moore Award, which is awarded to the most outstanding offensive line unit in college football. To make a good picture better and more intense, the rain falling, along with the breath of the Notre Dame player, shows the conditions that they played in Saturdayafternoon. Not to mention, they wore the Rockne uniforms to honor late coach Knute Rockne

Ryann Digging It

Ryann DeJarld went airborn to record yet another dig that helped keep the point alive for the Fighting Irish. DeJarld set the new season digs record against North Carolina on Fridaynight as she ended with 27 digs on the night and 647 on the year. This specific dig was captured in the second set and shows that she does anything she can, as a great libero should, to keep the point alive for her teammates. This was caught at the perfect moment because she’s at the highest point of her dive and the ball is just about to hit her hand and stay in the court.

Point Irish!

This shot is the epitome of what volleyball celebrations are all about: pure emotion and excitement. All of that–hair flying and fist pumps–is evident through Sam Fry’s and Rebecca Nunge’s screams. The only reason this shot was even able to happen was because of the angle that I’ve been shooting at recently, which has been high up in the stands. It makes for the best angle because you get to see more of the athletes faces. If I had been on the ground level, even with the players, I would not have seen Sam Fry’s face as I see it here, because I am limited as to where I can actually shoot on the ground level.


Adams Airborn

Josh Adams found the open hole in the Navy defense and leapt to break through for a big offensive gain. Adams being caught at his highest point and right when he breaks through is why it was one of the best this week. When you look at the background, the picture gets even better. The offensive line teammates are seen doing work as one is already pushing his defender away and another is about to make his block against a Navy defender making his way to Adams. Lastly, a Navy defender behind Adams is seen falling to the ground as he missed the tackle on Josh.


Wimbush Locked In

Brandon Wimbush rushes up the field for a big offensive gain against Navy. The best part of the picture is how he locks his eyes right on the defender as he works to make his way up the field. Usually, in pictures of players rushing up the field, the defenders are seen behind or next to the offensive player trying to get the tackle. That’s what makes this one better than the rest, because the Navy defender is in front of him and Wimbush’s eyes are locked in on him.