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Five Favorite Photos Of The Week

Oct. 4, 2017

By Erin Locascio

Erin Locascio is a fall photography and graphic design intern for the University of Notre Dame. Throughout the fall she will have a weekly post about her favorite five photos from the week’s events. This week Locascio is highlighting Notre Dame Cross Country, Men’s Ice Hockey, Women’s Soccer, Volleyball and Men’s Soccer.

In each post Locascio will give background information on the photo and why she selected it.

Dashing Past The Dome

Dustin Macuiba and the Fighting Irish cross country team hosted the Joe Piane Invitational this past weekend. Most cross country pictures look very similar but the background of this picture is what makes it one of the best from the meet. Since the meet was held at Burke Golf course, the University of Notre Dame is in the back and more specifically, the Golden Dome is the background. Macuiba is perfectly centered with the Dome and gives the photo a good focus point.

Irish Goal!

The moment a goal is scored or shot is not easy to capture. You might get the stick as it hits the puck, or the follow through but no puck in sight. That’s why Cameron Morrison’s (26) first goal of the game and season for the Notre Dame hockey team was the best photo from it’s 4-3 win over the U.S. National Developmental Program (U18). The goal itself, with the puck in the air and Morrison still in shooting form, is not the only reason this is a great picture. When you look at the USA players, you can see the defender was not able to block the shot and the goalie could not get to the other side of the net in time.

Eyes On The Ball

Most soccer pictures are of a shot or a player traveling up the field with the ball. That means that the ball is usually on the ground. The fact that the ball is in the air and it isn’t a header, makes for a unique shot. The ball was sent over and past Jennifer Westendorf (10), so she has her eyes locked on it as she runs to beat her defender to it.

Dumas Ties The Game!

The emotion captured in this photo made it the best from Notre Dame men’s soccer’s 2-1 overtime win over Northwestern. Felicien Dumas (5) scored the tying goal in the 80th minute and could not contain his excitement when celebrating. There is not a better way he could have shown his emotion than with the scream, fist pump and, of course, the height of his jump.

DeJarld Celebrations With Emotion

Notre Dame volleyball had close games this weekend against Miami and Florida State which made for many celebration shots to choose from. However, this only shows one person celebrating, as most celebration photos involve at least one to two more people. In this, you get to focus on Ryann DeJarld (4) cheering after an Irish point. You get to pay attention to the detail and emotion when it’s only one person. You can see her fists are clenched, she’s mid scream and her hair is in the air from jumping.