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Five Favorite Photos of 2017: Football

Dec. 31, 2017

By Erin Locascio

Erin Locascio is a photography and graphic design intern for the University of Notre Dame. Throughout the year she has taken photos at fall sports such as women’s soccer, football, men’s soccer and volleyball. Take a look at her five favorites from the 2017 football season.

In each post Locascio will give background information on the photo and why she selected it.

Tranquill Picks Up Fumble

Drue Tranquill is a senior linebacker for the Fighting Irish football team. This type of picture is not a rarity for Tranquil as he plays with a lot of emotion and intensity for the defense. This particular shot was after the USC punt returner fumbled the ball and he picked it up. There is two reasons to be screaming this much for a moment such as this. Notre Dame is playing a rival in the Trojans and they were already up by a few scores at this point. The captain’s excitement was an easy choice as one of the best photos from the 2017 football season.

Adams Breaks Free

Josh Adams put up over 1,000 rushing yards this season so it was only right he had one of the top photos from 2017. This beat out the many other choices of the Heisman candidate for a few reasons. Josh is holding the ball secure while he gets into his running stride which shows off his muscular arms. In addition, Adams’ is looking back to see where the defenders are and as the guy in the stands is already signalling, he is alone for the touchdown run, which is what happens. The fact that it is against rival USC makes it mean even more impactful. .

Defensive Celebration

Defense is definitely the hardest part of a football game to get photos of, as they are usually blocked by teammates or the other team. That’s just one of the reasons this was chosen as one of the favorites from the 2017 football season. Greer Martini is seen celebrating after making a tackle that helped the Fighting Irish stop Navy from gaining any yards on offense. Once again, the emotion that comes through this photo is just one of the reasons it was chosen over the thousands of photos from the 2017 season. The last reason is because of the jerseys the Fighting Irish wore to honor legendary head coach Knute Rockne.

Pure Football Moment

This is the pure football photo that shows what goes on during every offensive passing play. The quarterback, Brandon Wimbush, drops back and looks down the field for an open receiver, while his offensive lineman blocks and one of his eligible receivers is running his route. This is only photo that I got that shows all of these players doing their job at the same time. The angle and placement I was at made for the perfect spot. Lastly, even though Wimbush is behind everyone, he is the one that is in focus and that adds to a great photo. .

Jumping For Joy!

Celebration shots make up the majority of my favorites photos from 2017, but that is because when athletes celebrate, they show the most emotion and are truly themselves. Celebration comes through because it means that all the practice, hard times and everything in between lead to this moment. This specific moment was after the Fighting Irish scored a touchdown. These two teammates are at the peak of their jump and embracing each other after a successful offensive drive, which is why it was an easy choice as one of my favorite photos from the 2017 football season.