April 13, 2002

Indianapolis, Ind. – The Notre Dame rowing team won both the varsity eight and the varsity four today at the Indiana Crew Classic in Indianapolis, Ind. Race conditions were ideal (temperatures in the mid-70s and no wind) Saturday as the Irish enjoyed a sneak preview of the 2002 NCAA Championship course. Notre Dame, ranked 11th in the nation, will find out in May if it will receive a return invitation to Indianapolis and the 2002 NCAA Rowing Championships.

The first varsity eight team of stroke Katherine Burnett, Katie Besson, Natalie Ladine, Diana Price, Becky Luckett, Ashlee Warren, Michelle Olsgard, Jayme Szefc and coxswain Cassie Markstahler was first in 6:13.20, almost 15 seconds ahead of Notre Dame’s second varsity eight crew. The “B” crew of Danielle Protasewich, Kathleen Welsh, Melissa Alberding, Jacqueline Hazen, Courtney Mercer, Erica Drennen, Kerri Murphy, Meg Feely and Kathryn Long finished in 6:28, 10, just edging out Purdue’s “A” crew, which crossed the line in 6:28.90. Indiana was fourth in 6:38.00.

The Irish varsity four crew of Kati Sedun, Elizabeth Specht, Maureen Carr, Kolleen Myers and coxswain Kacy McCaffrey also had an impressive race, winning by almost 20 seconds. Notre Dame crossed the line in 7:30.80. Indiana was second in 7:50.70, while Purdue was third in 8:06.80.

The fourth eight crew of Rebecca Campbell, Allison Maimona, Michaele Carney, Alexa Garot, Alicia Garcia, Kristen Henkel, Andrea Amoni, Sarah Keefer and Marita Murphy finished second in its race in 6:49.89, just narrowly losing to Purdue who crossed in 6:49.56. Notre Dame’s third varsity eight was third in 7:01.44.

The novice team struggled today as the first novice eight finished third in its race, almost nine seconds behind winner Eastern Michigan, who finished in 6:36.60. Purdue was second in 6:43.50. Notre Dame’s second novice eight and the novice four were fourth in its races today.

Results from the Indiana Crew Classic
April 13, 2002
Indianapolis, Ind.

Varsity Eight1. Notre Dame A         6:13.202. Notre Dame B         6:28.103. Purdue           6:28.904. Indiana          6:38.00
Varsity Four1. Notre Dame 7:30.802. Indiana 7:50.703. Purdue 8:06.80
Second Varsity Eight1. Purdue 6:49.562. Notre Dame D 6:49.893. Notre Dame C 7:01.44
Novice Eight1. Eastern Michigan 6:36.602. Purdue 6:43.503. Notre Dame 6:45.604. Indiana 6:52.10
Second Novice Eight1. Eastern Michigan 7:02.672. Purdue 7:10.903. Indiana 7:12.104. Notre Dame 7:13.00
Novice Four1. Eastern Michigan 7:45.892. Indiana 7:54.503. Purdue 7:54.904. Notre Dame 8:30.10