May 9, 2014

Dallas Cowboys 2014 NFL Draft – MAY 8, 2014
Offensive Tackle/Guard Zack Martin

On what it means to be a Cowboy:
“It means everything. I couldn’t be happier to come down to Dallas and be a part of the great organization, this great storied organization. I am very excited to come down there and start competing and to be a part of the team.”

On the first thing Head Coach Jason Garrett said to him:
“He just said `congratulations, you’re the type of guy we want on this team and get ready to go to work.’ I’m ready to go down there and start competing and be a part of this team.”

On whether the coaches talked to him about the position he would be playing when he visited Dallas:
“We went through some schemes and talked about some different things. One of my biggest strengths, I think, is my versatility. Like I told them, I am willing to play anything and anything they need me to do to help the team is what I’m willing to do.”

On whether he thought it was a possibility he could be drafted by Dallas:
“Coming into the night your guess would have been as good as mine. I didn’t really know where I was going to land, but like I said I couldn’t be happier.”

On whether he knows anything about the Cowboys:
“I don’t know anyone on the team personally, but obviously it is something that everyone follows and I definitely watched a lot of their games. I was able to play in their stadium this year, so I am a little bit familiar.”

On whether the team talked to him specifically about playing offensive guard:
“Yeah they did. Like I said, whatever they are looking for me to play or help the team is what I am willing to do.”

On where he needs to improve the most:
“Just continue to work the technique that I have been taught over the last couple of years and just get in the rhythm of the game at the next level and get in with the team.”

On what he remembers about AT&T Stadium when he played there:
“You’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s just so big and you have the jumbotron and all that stuff. So it’s obviously a very special place to watch a game and I can’t wait to play in it again.”

On whether it crossed his mind that he would like to play at AT&T Stadium again:
“Absolutely, yeah. After visiting down there too and seeing it again to think that you could be playing there again is pretty special.”

On playing with Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray:
“Obviously they’re unbelievable players and really looking forward to blocking for those guys. Can’t wait to learn under those veterans and learn how to be a pro and go into battle with them each week.”

On if he thought the Cowboys would pick a different player:
“Like I said, you never really know where you’re going. I didn’t know where I was going coming into tonight. Things shake out in the draft, so when I got the call I was very excited. I saw that Dallas number pop up in my phone and it was very exciting.”

On how familiar he is with the zone blocking scheme:
“Very familiar. We were primarily zone and power blocking in college, so I’ve done that my entire career.”

On whether he anticipates being a starter from the beginning like Travis Frederick last year:
“I’m looking to come in here and compete and I want to come in there and compete from day one, so obviously I want to come in there and be on the field and help the team win. So, yeah, that’s my goal.”

On where he is watching the draft:
“I’m in Indianapolis at my house with my family and friends.”

On if he thought the Cowboys were going to pick Johnny Manziel when all the fans were chanting his name:
“No, I was actually up in my parent’s bedroom with my parents and my two brothers, so it was really quiet up there.”

On being known as the player the Cowboys drafted instead of Johnny Manziel:
“That’s fine by me. I can live up to that.”

On the difficulty of moving inside to guard from the tackle position:
“It’s just kind of a reps thing. If you switch sides, it’s just getting used to the different foot is back and if you move inside it’s just everything is a little closer. So, I’ve gone over those techniques throughout my career even though I didn’t play there. I’m looking forward to playing in the spot they put me in.”

On if the Senior Bowl helped with his potential move inside to guard:
“Absolutely. It gave me some live reps there. I got some very good competition, so it definitely helped me out.”

On if he was a team captain at Notre Dame:
“I was the last two seasons.”

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