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Final Word

Sept. 8, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The Notre Dame football team went without pads today in its final practice leading up to Saturdays clash with Nebraska. With the time of preparation available for the `Huskers obviously shorter than the time for A&M, coach Bob Davie wishes he had a few more practices to get his team ready.

“This is one of those kind of weeks you wish you had a bunch of preparation time at least as a coach,” Davie Stated. “You know what’s different about this week is you play the first game of the year and you have all those weeks of preparation getting ready. Then all of the sudden the first game is over and it’s the second game and its just amazing how short the preparation time seems…I can’t speak for Nebraska, but I imagine they feel the same way that you always wish you had more preparation time, at least speaking as a coach.”


The excitement is growing on the campus in anticipation of Saturdays’ game. It has been building ever since the end of the A&M game when the student section began chanting “We want the Huskers!”

Coach Davie discussed how it has worked its way into the Notre Dame camp, and also how his team should not lose focus of the goal at hand.

“There’s been a lot of buzz on campus…I think they’re excited,” Davie said. “They realize, though, as well just how much preparation time we need and I told them tonight don’t even think the hays in the barn. That door is still wide open and we got a bunch of more hay to put in there between now and Saturday.”


Is there any talk happening between the two programs heading into Sundays game? Not according to Davie.

“I doubt that Nebraska is doing that,” he said. “You know I never been one that thought that thing lasted for much longer then the first play of the game. We have enough reasons to be excited about playing, based on our own circumstances. There is enough motivation just from factors that effect this team without me worrying about what their team has to say.”


Lance Legree practiced today despite the sprained toe he suffered on Wednesday. If it continues to give him problems before the game, Senior B.J. Scott will start in his place.