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Davie Puts On Game Face

Sept. 1, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Friend or foe?

It is the question which Bob Davie and R.C. Slocum are facing this week. While no one is certain for sure what each of the Coach’s answers are. One thing for sure is that when the coaches step out on the field, each will have on their game faces.

Two coaches spend nine years together working on the same goal, a win for the Aggies. Now, seven years later, they meet again but instead of working together they are trying to outwit the other.

Both are under pressure to produce, Davie much more so than Slocum. Needless to say, Saturday’s game will provide tremendous momentum for the rest of either team’s season.

Davie opted to take his Tuesday press conference and focus on the good times he and R.C. shared. Slocum tried to convert Davie to the Texan ways, convincing the young coach to invest in a pair of Tony Lama boots.

Despite all the charm, which the whole story holds, no one can help and look at the implications of the game. Davie obviously wants a victory to start his season of right. Not to mention a win this week could provide the momentum going into the following week’s nightmare.

Slocum finds his situation somewhat similar to his friend’s. The A&M fan following is a hard one to satisfy. Texas A&M’s archrival Texas seems to be gaining momentum in the state of Texas in terms of victories and recruiting. It is this kind of upward movement that makes the Aggies feel stagnant. Nonetheless, Slocum has a lot riding on this game. He wants to prove his team can go into a tough stadium and come out looking dominant.

Aggie fans want a thorough defeat. Notre Dame fans want nothing less than a solid pounding of A&M.

Irish fans may just get what they are looking for. Davie brings a relatively healthy squad to Saturday’s game for the first time in a long time. He brings a cast of new players into this season. The offense boasts numerous threats with the likes of Julius Jones at tailback, Jabari Holloway and Dan O’Leary at tight end, not to mention Joey Getherall leading the receivers.

Rest assured that while Davie spent the week reminiscing, he remains focused on the task at hand. His enthusiasm for this year’s team is apparent. Davie isn’t getting lost in the good ol’ memories of his days in College Station.