Oct. 25, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Rocky Boiman participated in our football camp the summer before his senior year of high school. He played safety and wide receiver in high school, but he came in at 6-foot-4 and close to 200 pounds. Rocky had some real speed and we knew that he was going to get big.

We thought he would be a great linebacker. To be honest, if he had not participated in our football summer camp, I do not think we would have recruited him, not as a defensive back or a wide receiver like he was. Having Rocky attend our camp was really a great opportunity for us.

When he came to our summer camp, Rocky was not highly recruited. However, he became highly recruited as his senior season progressed. Having the opportunity to work with him, we recognized his skills and speed, which was an advantage for us.

Rocky has come a long way since last year…

Last year, he started playing but he was not completely comfortable at the linebacker position. The position he plays takes a lot of learning. Also, we do different things with him by playing him at defensive end sometimes, as well as linebacker. It took him time getting acclimated to his position.

Also, last year, he weighed around 240 or 245 pounds. He thought being a little heavier might be to his advantage. However, it was not as has slimmed down this season and is much faster.

Rocky Boiman’s biggest strength is his passion for football. He loves to play. He will be that type of guy that will continue to play football throughout his life. If he isn’t playing in the future, then he will be the guy organizing the company team. He just loves football and that is his No. 1 strength.

His second strength is his tremendous talent. Football is very important to him. It all of these things which make me think Rocky will have a chance at being the captain of our football team in the future.