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Davie Column

Oct. 19, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – There is no longer a safety net for this team, nor is there one for Matt LoVecchio. For Matt LoVecchio, it is now his third game as the starting quarterback and we are relatively healthy. We control our own destiny.

Matt comes into this game with the most experience of any of our quarterbacks. We lost Arnaz Battle a long time ago. Now we want Matt to raise the level of play.

The storyline of Notre Dame having a freshman quarterback is over. This is now Notre Dame with an experienced quarterback. The expectations now are to go out there and win.

Matt is a no nonsense type of guy and he has been that way since we started recruiting him. He is mature beyond his age because he is raised in a family where has been treated as an adult. I am tremendously impressed with not only him, but also his entire family. He is a very sharp guy.

It is time for us to get going. We need to make a move and become a football team that can go into Morgantown and win. This team wants to finish the final stretch being right in the thick of the competition. Not only does Matt need to raise his level of play, but the entire team as well.

We know that we are good enough to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. This football team is solid, and strong enough to finish this season on a positive note. All we have to do is go on the field and do it. I am excited to see how good we can be by the end of the year.