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Davie Column

Oct. 5, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Experience and maturity are two things, which there is no substitute for. If you look at our running game, you will see these elements present.

Despite having three talented players at running back, there is no tension present between the three. However, it is human nature, for each of these guys to want to be the starter. It is all healthy competition, which is good because I do not want any player to accept the role of backup.

However, the chemistry between Tony Fisher, Terrance Howard and Julius Jones is at a higher level than that. I know all three of those guys want to be handling the ball 20 to 30 times per game but that is not possible. Since it is not possible, each hopes for good things to happen to each other.

If you look at Tony Fisher and Terrance Howard, they have been around here for several years. They realize what the big picture is. They know that they may not be carrying the ball as much as they like or playing as much as they like but they know the coaching staff has to do what is going to give the team the best opportunity to win.

Also they realize that all of the tailbacks are helping with the changes, which the offense is undergoing. Having three tailbacks also helps if injuries occur. I can remember last year when Tony Fisher ended up being the only tailback we had at the end of the season.

It is tough but it also part of being on a team. As a member of team, you have to keep practicing and doing your part. They both realize that they have to take advantage of their opportunities when they come.

It is the maturity in both of them, which help them realize that even though today they may not be the go-to-guy, tomorrow they certainly can be.

They realize, just like every other member of this team that they have to practice everyday for the good of the team.